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1500 euros fine if you “lend” your vehicle, the new thing for 2024 which hurts

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The measure was taken by storm: six weeks after its launch, the “social leasing” imagined by the Elysée has been put on hold. It was in the middle of February that the government put an end to the initiative which allowed the poorest to acquire an electric car for around 100 euros per month.

More than 50,000 orders have been confirmed out of an initial objective set between 20,000 and 25,000 vehicles. The State wishes to repeat this experience next year, at the beginning of 2025, to support households in difficulty.

At the time of signing the contract, the lucky ones had to commit to a certain number of conditions – such as the minimum commitment of 36 months or the limit of 12,000 km per year – so as not to be overcharged. In February, the government added an additional condition via decree no. 2024-102 which was not there originally, and which caused some cringe.

No subletting

In this case, this update explicitly stipulates the ban on subletting vehicles benefiting from leasing assistance during the duration of the contract. The government wants cars to be 'socially leasing'. are only used for personal use – and not as a source of income. It must be said that the monthly cost was attractive (from 40 euros per month for a Renault Twingo E-Tech, without insurance costs) and some smart guys didn't hesitate to buy it. enjoy.

The 50,000 people who were able to benefit from this social leasing are therefore exposed to a fine in the event of illegal subletting of the vehicle – whether via official platforms like Getaround (formerly Drivy) and Turo, or via any other method. This amounts to 1,500 euros in the event of non-compliance with the rule. As a reminder, each vehicle costs the State on average 13,000 euros, so the latter does not wish to make it a source of income for rental companies.

If paid rental is not authorized within the framework of social leasing, it is however possible to lend a car to a person for free. She must obviously have a valid driving license and the insurance contract must allow her to have a second driver.

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