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2,000 French soldiers sent to Ukraine according to Moscow, Paris is outraged

While the head of Russian foreign intelligence affirmed that Tuesday that France was preparing to move forward. to send 2,000 soldiers to Ukraine, Paris has firmly denied this information.

Tension is rising another notch between Paris and Moscow. "The current leaders [of France editor's note.] do not care about the deaths of ordinary French people or the concerns of the generals&quot ;, estimatedé the head of Russian foreign intelligence, Sergueï Naryshkin, Tuesday March 19, including a dispatch from the Russian agency Tass relaying the remarks. According to information received by the Service Russian foreign intelligence agency (SVR), a contingent to sending to Ukraine is already available in preparation. Initially, it will include around 2,000 soldiers, he announced. And the head of the SVR immediately specified: eacute that this unité would, of course, be considered by the Russian army as a “legitimate and priority” target. nbsp;

Announcements which come after, for several weeks, Emmanuel Macron has brokené the taboo of sending European troops to Ukraine, incurring the wrath of its European counterparts and a good part of the political class French. The French Ministry of the Armed Forces, however, quickly reacted to the situation. this information, firmly denying any imminent sending of French soldiers to the Ukrainian front. Paris even denounced on X "a systematic recourse & mass disinformation widely employed by Russia, and called for "à the greatest vigilance " face &agrav; this type of information.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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