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2024 risks being a bad year for the iPhone: 3 reasons

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2023 was a good year for Apple which, thanks to an increase in iPhone shipments, managed to climb to first place, ahead of Samsung, in the global market. Unfortunately, 2024 could be a worse year for iPhone sales. At least that’s what a recent blog post by famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo indicates.

Based on supply chain information, Kuo says iPhone shipments could see a 10% to 15% decline in 2024. Why? “The iPhone faces structural challenges that will lead to a significant decline in shipments in 2024, including the emergence of a new paradigm in mobile phone design high-end and the continued decline in shipments to the Chinese market”, writes the analyst.

1 – Generative AI

According to Ming Chi Kuo, this new paradigm includes generative artificial intelligence. While rumors suggest that Apple is already working on this technology, the analyst believes, for his part, that Apple's most “complete” and “differentiated” generative AI ecosystem or applications would only arrive in 2025.

And while he predicts a decline in iPhone shipments, Kuo believes Samsung will increase production, thanks to demand driven by the AI ​​features found in the Galaxy S24 series.

< h2>2 – Folding smartphones

Ming Chi Kuo also believes that the “new paradigm” in the high-end segment includes foldable screens. And while more and more brands are launching folding models, Apple is unlikely to offer significant design changes on its next iPhones.

3 – China

China is one of the most important markets for Apple. However, in the Middle Kingdom, it faces competition from Huawei. Indeed, having managed to circumvent American sanctions to obtain 5G chips, the Chinese brand is making a comeback.

Obviously, for the moment, this information should be considered with caution, since it is only a prediction.

  • According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, iPhone shipments could drop by 10% to 15% in 2024
  • Indeed, Apple would face structural challenges in the high-end smartphone market
  • In addition, it faces competition from Huawei in China

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