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270 euros SNCF fine for agreeing to change seats on the train

He wanted to allow à a father and his son joined together and coped with the crime. of a heavy fine by the SNCF controllers.

A mishap that he could have done without. This Monday, March 4, 2024, an SNCF user was fined a heavy fine. The reason ? He was installed in first class after having exchanged his seat with another passenger who wanted to be seated next to him. side of his son in second class. A rather courteous gesture on the part of Hugues, holder of a subscription on the TGV Sud-Est line. Problem is, this arrangement is not at all to the taste of the flight attendants when checking the tickets. According to them, Hugues travels without a ticket. Result of the races: the latter must pay a fine of 270 euros (if it is paid immediately).

"To rot honest people like ça"

Disillusioned, Hugues shared his his unpleasant experience on X. "No one was the injured party In history, all places have been destroyed. paid but because of two cowboys who think they are in the wild west, the SNCF is hated even more" can we read on his account. Despite the support of the second passenger with whom he exchanged. its place, nothing happens, the controllers don't want to know anything. "The gentleman with whom I échangedé my place came to support me and plead our good faith. Something that was é totally ignored by the controllers" he laments. "Honestly, sorryé eh, but I wonder how you can do this job there, ruin honest people like that, then go home, kiss your wife and your kids and go to bed happy and fulfilled. " he concluded, quite nervous.

A fine greater than that of the usual pricing ?

In fact, the passage from the second à first class is not liable to a fine for "no ticket" by the SNCF. Hugues should have paid the amount of the difference between a second class ticket and a first class ticket (upgrade), an amount to which is added a penalty. of 15 euros, or 7 euros if the journey is less than 150 kilometers and the user reports their irregularity. In all likelihood, despite this the fact that he does not detail the amount of his fine, the controllers of the train borrowed by Hugues inflicted on him a heavy sanction, à know the price of the ticket with an additional 100 euros "if the customer does not pay the fine immediately", the choice madeé by Hugues, as indicated; on X.

The director of the TGV South-East axis contactedé the user directly on X: "Can you send me the ticket window reference ?". At the same time, SNCF Voyageurs also contacted the subscriber to try to find a solution: "Hello Hugues, we understand your dissatisfaction and are sorry about this situation. We would need more information. Bad advertising for the SNCF after the episodes of strike by controllers and switchers at the end of February which had disrupted the departures and returns on vacation of the French.

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