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3 tips for buying a used car without getting cheated!

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As electric cars become more and more part of the landscape, a nascent second-hand market is beginning to develop. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the specificities of these models to avoid falling into a potentially very costly trap.

Fortunately, manufacturers are to the rescue, with models guaranteed in mileage and battery capacity.

The problem, when the&#8217 If you buy a second-hand electric car from an individual, you are necessarily missing out on essential guarantees to maximize the lifespan of your purchase and reduce the risks.

By purchasing a car without going through the manufacturer's network, you are entitled to minimum protection (subject to prior inspection of the vehicle by an expert): this is the famous legal guarantee against hidden defects , which protects you against defects not apparent at the time of purchase and which would render the vehicle unusable thereafter.

It is valid for two years after the discovery of the defects. hidden defects. However, from the brand's network, buying a car entitles you, in addition to this guarantee, to additional guarantees. It is particularly advisable to carefully examine the warranties around the battery, generally expressed in kilometers, years and capacity retention.

Tesla, Hyundai… The major manufacturers want to popularize the second-hand market and for this, they do not hesitate to take at their own expense the risk that the battery fails too quickly. Which is not a small gift, the element largely constituting the price of these cars.

At Tesla, it is generally a question of retention of 65% to 75% up to 100,000 km or for 4 years. At Huyndai, we are talking up to 160,000 km or 8 years of use.

In addition to promoting the c& #8217;is good news for new car owners. Because these guarantees tend to drive up the resale price.

Tesla and other manufacturers can help you resell your electric car in good conditions . To do this, you generally need to have purchased the vehicle at a dealership of the brand.

At Tesla, in fact, the seller and the future owner can count on the standard manufacturer's warranty, and additional coverage of 1 year or 20,000 km after the expiration of the initial manufacturer's warranty, or upon delivery if the manufacturer's warranty is already expired.

Secondly, the European Battery Passport should standardize the rules in this area, and open the market a little more to sales between individuals.< /p>

  • The second-hand market is growing in the electrical category.
  • However, it is advisable to follow a few rules to avoid finding yourself in a bad situation.
  • This article gives you three tips that can help you do the right choice.

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