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5 figures on Inoxtag, the Youtuber who went to climb Everest

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In just a few years, Inoxtag has become the darling of Internet users on YouTube and Twitch. Representing the new generation of content creators, the young man has big ambitions. From his first videos, he expressed his desire to “change the YouTube game”. A daunting challenge, perhaps, but one he rose to with flying colors.

Since his first videos in which he played Fortnite and Minecraft , the videographer has diversified, offering increasingly bigger and more sophisticated concepts. Last year, Inoxtag announced big news: it will climb Everest. Obviously, this requires a lot of preparation. But here it is ready. This Saturday, April 6, 2024, Inoxtag set off to conquer the highest peak in the world. Here are 5 numbers to remember.

8 848

If Mount Everest is nicknamed the Roof of the World, it is not for nothing. At 8 848 meters high, it is the highest peak in the world, located in the Himalayan range, on the border between Nepal and China. We can therefore understand why Inoxtag took on this crazy challenge. Eager for thrills and adrenaline, the project is enough to make you dream. As part of his preparation, the videographer did a lot of hiking (of course) and climbed Mont Blanc eight months ago.


2 months. This is the approximate duration of the Inoxtag adventure. Indeed, climbing Everest is not done in a few hours, or even in a few days. Climbing Mount Everest is dangerous, and that’s what the risk-loving content creator is looking for. Crevasses, avalanches and more… Dangers await thrill-seekers who begin their ascent to the Roof of the World. This is also why the videographer is accompanied by a team of six people.

At nearly 9,000 meters above sea level, climbing Everest takes time and patience. So, Inoxtag will return, we hope, in about two months.

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This is the number of millions of Inoxtag subscribers on YouTube. A colossal community, and very loyal. Internet users continue to encourage the content creator on social networks and under all his videos. It’s certain: the Inoxtag challenge should allow the general public to become interested in mountaineering. As Squeezie's GP Explorer helped boost the popularity of motor sports.


Last February , Inoxtag celebrated its 22nd candle. The content creator is young. However, he has been rocking YouTube for almost a decade. Indeed, Inoxtag began its career in 2015 and since then, the success has only grown. At 22, he is far from being a “young kid” in the industry.

600 000 and 1.2 million

This is the amount that Inoxtag would have spent to properly prepare for its ascent of Everest. Yes, you have to have the means to achieve your ambitions. The content creator managed to attract brands who did not hesitate to follow her. Thus, he shows sponsors like Nike and Airup, who have greatly helped him to finance this immense challenge. As BFM points out, it takes between 41,000 and 128,000 euros to climb Mount Everest. Yes, it’s not for everyone…

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