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50 euros the journey - this section of motorway is already overpriced and it will increase further in 2024

Toll rates will increase from February 1st. The most significant increase will concern a section that is already particularly expensive.

Taking the highway is getting more and more expensive. Like every year, toll rates will experience a new increase to 100%. from February 1, 2024. It will not be 5%, as was feared by a rumor arising from the new tax on companies that operate motorway concessions. The average increase in prices at motorway barriers will still be around 3% next year. This is less than the 4.75% record for 2023, but it remains yet another piece of bad news for motorists who are already struggling. not spared by the inflation of fuel prices.

This 3% increase is an average calculated on the evolution of prices for the different motorway networks. Among the "good" students, according to figures published by our colleagues from Le Parisien, the companies ASF (Autoroutes du Sud de la France), managed by Vinci, Cofiroute and Escota will apply the most small increases, height of 2.71%. SANEF, which operates nearly 2,000 kilometers of track in France, mainly in Normandy, Hauts de France and the Grand Est, follows closely with an estimated increase of 2,000 kilometers. 2.79%. Conversely, the group whose toll prices are going to soar the most is already at risk. well known for charging quite exorbitant prices.

Those who already have joined Italy by car via the Fréjus Tunnel know that connecting Modane, in Savoie, to Bardonecchia, in Piedmont, is located in great costs. The STRF (Socié Française du Tunnel Routier du Fr&eac;jus) operates the 13 kilometers of this tunnel through which in both directions of traffic via the A43 motorway. The price of the single journey, for an ordinary vehicle whose height does not exceed 2 meters, amounts to more than 50 euros! Precisely 51.50 euros to complete around ten kilometers in a cylindrical tube where you can travel around ten kilometers. vehicle speed is limited to 70 kilometers/hour. To make the round trip between the A43 and the A32 in Italy, count 64 euros if you do not exceed the deadline of 7 days.

Already very expensive, this crossing will therefore experience the largest increase in motorway networks in France in 2024. The STRF, again according to the regional daily of Paris and Ile- de-France, will increase its prices by 3.87%. This corresponds to; an increase of 2 euros right on the one-way trip of the Fréjus Tunnel, i.e. an increase of 15 cents per kilometer of motorway. Despite everything, we would bet that the summer Next year, like every year, the Fréjus Tunnel will be stormed by motorists. To the delight of its operator.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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