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6 months of free transport: what is this scam that steals your banking details ?

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On a specially created Facebook page, an offer is circulating that is much too good to be true. Internet users are promised to obtain a card to travel free on the transport network of the city of Reims for six months.

A well-crafted scam

Unfortunately, this precious sesame will not be given to them directly. Targets must first click on a dubious link which leads to a form. The latter invites them to provide their personal and banking information.

As we will have understood, this is a phishing attempt which usurps the identity of Grand Reims Mobilités, the public organization which manages public transport in this area. Unfortunately, you just have to go to the comments of this publication to see that many Internet users are falling for it.

It must be said that the initiators of this phishing campaign are deploying significant resources to improve their credibility. Our colleagues from France 3 Grand Est thus spotted these mysterious user profiles who published comments following the publication of this scam.

One of them claims to have “received the card a few days ago and I checked it, everything works”. As is often the case in such cases, his avatar and his cover image were published at the same time and it is therefore most likely a crude fake intended to convince Internet users of the veracity of this offer.

What to do in case of danger?

In any case, and if you have already provided your information, you should notify your bank directly. If the city of Reims is concerned here, these malicious actors could just as easily strike in other regions and vigilance is therefore required. To help fight against these practices, a cybersecurity expert consulted by the public media also suggests that Internet users report these scams on the Pharos platform or on Google.

As a reminder, transports are often used in phishing attempts. We spoke to you in particular last week about this scam which usurps the identity of the SNCF by promising the Liberté TGV INOUI card at one euro compared to 349 euros in normal times.

As in the last case mentioned, victims are then taken to a page where they must fill out a special form. The thugs can then retrieve their information to take action directly or use it later.

What you need to remember:< /p>

  • A phishing campaign has been launched on Facebook
  • She promises to travel for free on the Reims transport network
  • Unfortunately, this is a scam aimed at recovering your personal data

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