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6 new features expected at WWDC (and what you won't see there)

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The Worldwide Developer Conference is each year an opportunity to discover Apple's main software developments, intended for users and publishers. In 2024, we should discover a major update for iPhones, the same for computers. Having followed Cupertino's announcements during the last editions, we are already in a position to make serious hypotheses about the changes that will be presented to you during the event.

This is scheduled for June 10 to 14, organized in the San Francisco Bay area but also broadcast online. The opening keynote is scheduled for the first day at 7 p.m. (for the Paris time zone). Let's see together what awaits us, and what new developments may not show up…

1 – The new design of iOS 18

To begin with, you should know that iOS 18 should be the most important announcement of the Worldwide Developer Conference. This new version of the iPhone operating system would arrive with the following new features:

  • at least four new features in favor of accessibility
  • a brand new design, the most major makeover since iOS 7, with an interface inspired by visionOS
  • RCS support (rich communication services) with iMessage
  • l’pinning elements in Freeform, to easily find lost data in a very wide canvas
  • the possibility of creating spaces between the rows of icons on the home screen

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2 – macOS 15 and its suffix

Like every year, WWDC will also be an opportunity to discover other major updates: tvOS 18, iPadOS 18 or even macOS 15. Regarding the latter, however, the associated name remains unknown. For comparison, today the most recent version of Apple's computer operating system is macOS Sonoma.

Several potential nicknames have already been mentioned in the press. Here is the list, which of course also remains to be considered with caution, like the rest of the rumors in this article:

  • macOS Mammoth
  • macOS Sequoia
  • macOS Redwood
  • macOS Pacific
  • macOS Diablo
  • macOS Tiburon
  • macOS Redtail
  • macOS Skyline
  • macOS Mirama
  • macOS Rincon
  • macOS Grizzly
  • macOS Condor
  • macOS Shasta
  • macOS Mendocino
  • macOS Farallon

These names come from trademark registrations signed Apple.

macOS 15 should be compatible with a large majority of Macs already eligible for the installation of macOS Sonoma. At the same time, you should also know that Apple could unveil new computers at the Worldwide Developer Conference. An M3 Ultra chip would thus be in the pipeline and could be integrated under the hood of a Mac Studio. The latest Mac mini is also starting to date, and a release during WWDC would make sense.

3 – Few changes for watchOS 11

An “Apple Watch X” could be announced in September 2024, to celebrate ten years of the range of smartwatches. For the occasion, the manufacturer would reserve for us a design renewed from top to bottom, perhaps with a chassis with sharper edges reminiscent of those reintroduced on mobile with the iPhone 12.

This major change, involving numerous internal resources, would be the reason why the engineers working on the Apple Watch this year would not have focused on software development. So watchOS 11 would only appear at the Worldwide Developer Conference as a minor update. We have not mentioned any additional functionality with this future version: patience.

4 &amp ;#8211; visionOS 2

At WWDC 2024, Apple is also expected to debut the second edition of its mixed reality headset operating system for the first time. This is of course visionOS 2. The original version will then celebrate its first anniversary, after having been praised by critics during tests of the Apple Vision Pro.

We do not yet know what improvements will be included with visionOS 2, except perhaps support for the Apple Pencil and its possible third generation. The latter could arrive just before the Worldwide Developer Conference, or at the same time.

Among the few negative points that have been raised by Apple Vision Pro users since their release, the limited comfort of users remains the main invective to have caused ink to flow. To remedy this, the manufacturer would also have a lighter frame in the pipeline, but this one, also less expensive and less efficient, would only see the light of day around the year 2027.

5 – The release date of iOS 18 in final version

At the very end of the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple should confirm the release date in final version ( fall 2024) from:

  • iOS 18 (and compatible iPhones)
  • iPadOS 18 (and compatible iPads)
  • macOS 15 (and compatible Macs)
  • watchOS 11 (and compatible Apple Watches)
  • tvOS 18 (and compatible Apple TVs)

During the event, we could also discover new versions of the operating system of the HomePod connected speaker and the firmware of the AirPods wireless headphones.

Beta versions should be available to developers immediately after WWDC. For the public beta version, you would then have to wait a few days.

6 – Artificial intelligence in the spotlight

Finally, note that many improvements boosted by artificial intelligence could be presented in particular within macOS, iPadOS and iOS. Here are the few changes that have already leaked:

  • the creation of automated playlists by generative AI within the Apple Music streaming platform
  • the integration of images generated by AI directly into Pages documents or Keynote presentations (Google Slides also offers it with a Workspace offer via Gemini)
  • the generation of text in a document Pages
  • the autocompletion of written sentences within the Messages app, when ’ #8217;voice texting via Siri
  • much better responses when interacting with the voice assistant Siri
  • a new section “artificial intelligence” within the App Store

OpenAI or Alphabet have been mentioned, among Apple's partners for these new AI features. Siri would in fact always be too far behind the competition, to offer sufficiently convincing results.

To go further: announcements that are long overdue

These future products have already leaked and seem close, but are not expected to be announced at the 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference.


  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods Max 2: release date unknown at the moment
  • Apple Vision: 2027
  • Apple Glass: release date unknown at the moment
  • connected lenses: release date unknown at the moment
  • connected ring: release date unknown at the moment


  • iPhone 16: September 2024
  • < li>iPhone 16 Plus: September 2024

  • iPhone 16 Pro: September 2024
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: September 2024
  • Third Generation iPhone SE: March 2025
  • Face ID under screen: 2026
  • camera under screen: 2027
  • fingerprint sensor under the screen: release date unknown at the moment


  • iPad Air 12.9-inch: April 2024
  • 10.9-inch iPad Air: April 2024
  • iPad Pro OLED (11 and 12.9 inches): April 2024< /li>
  • 7th generation iPad mini: late 2024
  • iPad “classic” more affordable and/or eleventh generation iPad: late 2024


< ul>

  • MacBook Pro OLED: 2026 or 2027
  • Face ID: release date unknown at this time
  • For the living room

    • iPad XL ( with built-in HomePod speaker): 2026
    • HomePod with touchscreen: no release date yet
    • Apple TV with FaceTime camera and motion detection: no release date for the moment
    • The WWDC should be an opportunity to discover the update to iOS 18
    • The event is scheduled for June 10 at 7 p.m. for the keynote of the event. opening
    • Apple could announce many new AI features during the event
    • macOS 15 would also be presented during the conference

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