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80% of Cars are stolen in seconds, here's how to protect yourself without spending 1 euro

A new process very fashionable this summer! allows criminals to steal a car in record time and without committing the slightest break-in.

Fast and discreet. Today, in less than a minute and without breaking anything, car thieves are able to steal the latest models which they then resell like hot cakes. How far away the time when the criminals needed a crowbar, a screwdriver or force on the door to break in. inside a vehicle. The methods are becoming more and more sophisticated, like the one at the fashion that caused a record number of flights during the summer.

Several surveillance cameras, most often installed in private homes, filmed the incident. This new technique, used in 80% of car theft cases from now on. Each time, the criminals come to their aid. two and attack each other a car parked outside proximity of a house. One of the two thugs approaches the entrance to the pavilion with a small electronic box to capture the signal from the key. of the vehicle which is located next to you. inside the house. Once intercepted, the signal is transmitted to another box that the accomplice sticks to; the car door and which will simulate the presence of the key. In a few seconds, and without making a sound, the door is unlocked and the thugs can break into the car and start it.

According to the company Coyote, specialized in helping with driving, this modus operandi has become viral among criminals and the number of stolen vehicles jumped by almost 50% this summer, with a peak at 50% this summer. 100% during the month of August! Also, two-thirds of stolen cars are SUVs, full of electronics and therefore easier to destroy. To hack. Very interesting fashion, these family models quickly find buyers. To avoid waking up without a car, there are several ways to protect yourself. The most effective is to store your car in your garage, but not all motorists have one or do not have enough space to do so if the household has two vehicles per vehicle. example.

If you have to leave a car sleeping outside, the best thing is to do it. All you need to do is keep your keys as far away from the door and windows as possible to prevent thieves from picking up the signal. The best way to completely jam the signal is to store them in a box, lined with plastic. aluminum for example. It costs nothing and can avoid many mishaps. And if you really want to strengthen security? of your vehicle, you can buy with an anti-theft rod – they are available commercially. from 25-30 euros – to lock the steering wheel. This can discourage thieves and cause them to commit suicide. go look elsewhere.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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