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82 years old and kicked out of his house by his daughters-in-law, Paul's worrying situation

Kicked out by his daughters-in-law, this octogenarian from Tarn will no longer have a roof over his head from the month of July. An online prize pool was launched. launched by a neighbor to help him.

Will Paul Rudelle be expelled? of the house où he lived for almost 40 years ? Living in SéTarn, the 82-year-old man is about to have to leave his house. Since the death of his partner, in August 2022, who owned the house, he has lived there alone and maintains a garden of 2,000 square meters & agrave; the rear. Problem, he is not the owner. Voilaà why trouble befell him. 

He must leave the premises before July 8, 2024

This former mason fears for his future, and that of his lifelong home, located behind the Albi racing circuit. Her daughters-in-law decided to take action. to sell the property, while Paul is considered by the courts as "an occupant without rights or title". According to information from La Dépêche du Midi, the conflict with the latter goes back a long way. several months. Electricity has even been involved in cut for three months while the latter receives a retirement pension of 800 euros per month. "I lost everything. I lost Simone, I lost the house and I lost my morale. he confides at the microphone of BFMTV.

The octogenarian still has a few months before having to leave the place. The fateful date was set for July 8, 2024 by the Albi judicial court. He must also pay his daughters-in-law compensation monthly occupancy of 400 euros accompanied by an envelope of 1,000 euros for legal costs. Paul Rudelle did not want to & be accompaniedé to apply for social housing.

An online prize pool launched by a neighbor

In his misfortune, the octogenarian can count on a neighbor, Christian. The latter took the initiative of creating an online prize pool to allow players to participate. Paul to buy back the house à his daughters, and end his life there peacefully. "Throw it away à the street à After 82 years, in the midst of mourning, there will be one trauma too many. The one who could finish Paul" explains this big-hearted neighbor. 150,000 euros are necessary to repurchase the property, which will amount to 150,000 euros. the Abb&eac; foundation Pierre à the death of Paul. 22,827 euros were paid. harvested as of March 20, 2024.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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