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“A completely futile motive, it’s crazy”: Shemseddine’s death shocks Viry-Châtillon

The reason for the death of Shemseddine, a 15-year-old teenager who was beaten death on April 4 in Essonne still raises questions, four days after the tragedy. The mayor of Viry-Châtillon remains deeply shocked.

Misunderstanding Viry-Châtillon. Yesterday Sunday, five people were arrested. referred to the Evry court, including four placed in provisional detention after the passage to the Evry court. tobacco and the death of Shemseddine in Essonne, a 15-year-old teenager beaten at gunpoint. died in front of his college. According to the first elements of the investigation, communicated by the prosecution, a difference ;rent linked&eac; &agrav; a story of "reputation" of the sister of two of the accused and matters relating to the crime. sexuality would be à the origin of the facts.

A 15-year-old girl indicted for "voluntary abstention from preventing a crime"

Telephone exchanges allegedly took place between the 15-year-old girl and boys of her age around sexuality, according to the prosecutor who gave elements to the public yesterday. His two brothers, two accused after the death of Shemseddine, would then have advised concerned to stop all exchanges with their sister. Which Shemseddine would not have done, according to the version of the accused. The teenager was not present during the events, but knew the intentions of her brothers according to the prosecutor, Mr. Dulin. "There are serious and consistent indications allowing us to consider that she was informed of the intentions of her brothers with regard to the victim" he indicates. She was é presented to the investigating judge and indicted for "voluntary abstention from committing a crime". It will be submitted à a provisional judicial educational measure with placement in an educational establishment accompanied by a ban on appearing in Essonne. His two brothers were killed. indicted for murder and placed in provisional detention.

"A completely futile motive"

For the mayor of Viry-Châtillon, "çit only reinforces the pain of knowing that we can, for a completely futile reason, go and hit someone up to what death follows" he regrets at the microphone of RMC this Monday. "Any parent must feel shocked at this. and worried that his son or daughter would be massacred like this but also that his child could participate in this crime. such an act. This is completely crazy. he continues.

In a press release; published Sunday April 7, the Evry prosecutor's office indicates that “the two brothers had learned, several days previously, that their sister was corresponding with people from her & age on topics relating to sexuality. They would also have learned that "the victim boasted of being able to speak freely with their sister'having not yet had anything to do with her. suffer pressure from them.

Me Jacques Bourdais, the lawyer of one of the brothers, questions the opening of a judicial investigation of the charge of assassination, "while the elements of the investigation provide proof that he's there is neither premeditation nor intention of homicide and that it is voluntary violence having led to murder. death without intention of giving it. Maintaining this qualification is à fuel tensions between neighborhoods" he indicates in the columns of Le Monde. The funeral of young Shemseddine will take place this Tuesday, April 9 according to information from BTMFV, in the town of Savigny-sur-Orge.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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