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A malaise or suicide ? A teenager found dead in his high school in Reims

Aged At the age of 15, a young man was kidnapped. discovered inanimately; in the toilets of a high school Reims. The cause of death is currently unknown.

A macabre discovery. In a high school in Reims (Marne), a 15-year-old student was taken into custody. found, Tuesday, April 9, dead in the toilets by members of the staff of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste de La Salle establishment. missing à end of day call. A comrade went looking for him in the toilets before finding a manager to open the toilet door which was closed. In cardiac arrest, emergency services were not successful. resuscitate him.

This student "died in the toilets of the boarding school", but "no suspicious traces" was not found on the body and “the cause of death is unknown,” the Reims prosecutor, François Schneider, Wednesday April 10. The context of this death "is absolutely not clear& “finished,” he explained.

"mockery" evoked

Batiste suffered from a certain "mal-being" at the high school according to Didier Tilly, director of the establishment. He was " a young person who was looking for " on himself, " who questioned himself like many young people of his &age ", he indicated´ before evoking  mockery". This possible harassment did not happen in the first place. confirmed. According to France 3, the possibility of the teenager's sexual orientation is one of the plausible hypotheses. He was also followed by school life. Several students from the establishment reported of harassment. The young man would have been "discriminationé about his sexual orientation, according to one of them. Batiste even complained to the high school staff.

The police did not find anyone no visible trace of violence. According to information collected by La Dépêche, it could be a suicide. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, April 11, to determine the causes of death. A psychological support unit has been established. ;eacute; implemented at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste de La Salle high school. The Minister of National Education Nicole Belloubet demanded "the light" on this death. " Light must be shed on this tragedy: that’s what I asked for. “to the network of which this establishment is part”, she reacted on social networks.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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