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A new iPhone for less than 2 euros on Amazon? Beware of this new scam!

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There is nothing better than posing as a popular brand to trap new prey. Scammers therefore do not hesitate to adorn themselves with the colors of giants like Netflix, Carrefour or even SNCF to coax Internet users and make them fall into their nets. Currently, an Amazon scam is circulating widely on Facebook.

This scam is not original. In reality, it comes back every year at the same time, as the end-of-year holidays approach. Giants like Amazon, Cdiscount and AliExpress are seeing unclaimed packages piling up in their warehouses.

It is from this observation that the scam currently plaguing Facebook arises. The scammers explain that instead of throwing away these packages that no one wants, Amazon chose to organize a charity event and distribute “mystery” packages to participants for only 1.95 euros. There is a draw to possibly receive the exceptional package. Amazon asks 1.95 euros to confirm the identity of the “luckiest”.

Spend 2 euros and potentially leave with the iPhone 13 Pro, the Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer or the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 connected bracelet… The offer is attractive. But in reality, this is a scam and you will never receive the promised mystery package.

Amazon does not sacrifice prices for its unclaimed packages

Everything is done to seduce and trap the Internet user. The offer is more than tempting and glowing comments from other users suggest its authenticity. There are even photos of packages received for less than 2 euros to support this. Especially since by clicking on the link, we find the Amazon color code with, again, positive opinions from other customers. So it's very easy to fall for it.

But the devil is in the details. A glance at the URL reveals the whole story: the site has no connection with Amazon…

Despite what the site claims, this action is absolutely not secure. By participating, you provide your personal data, a gold mine for malicious people. The scam is so well done that victims leave their bank details for a package that will never arrive. If you have been fooled, don't delay: you absolutely must contact your bank to object.

Let's remember a few simple principles to avoid scams. You should keep your eyes peeled for potential spelling or syntax errors and ensure the authenticity of the sender's email address if you receive a suspicious email. When you click on the link, unfortunately, don't forget to check the domain name and check that the website is secure, with the URL starting with HTTPS with the small padlock on the left before sharing your details banking. Vigilance is always required on the Internet. Finally, when an offer is too good to be true, it is usually a full-blown scam.

In 2022, Amazon had to close more than 20,000 sites pretending to be for the giant to trap Internet users. Unfortunately, Amazon is not the only brand appreciated by criminals. We must therefore remain vigilant.

  • An Amazon scam is currently circulating on Facebook
  • Unclaimed packages from Amazon are being sold at the incredible price of €1.95
  • But none of this is real, it's yet another scam

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