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A news item involving the AirTag shakes France

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A heavy goods vehicle driver has just been sentenced by the Gironde courts to eighteen months in prison. The judge found him guilty of hiding an AirTag in his ex-wife's belongings, to track her movements without her consent. But the latter quickly discovered the problem, before filing a complaint.

The AirTag is a small tag connected via Bluetooth, which communicates with Apple's Find My network. The latter allows, thanks to the eponymous app installed automatically on iOS, to detect the geolocation of devices in real time – provided that they are close to another device associated with the same mesh. Users choose to attach an AirTag to their keys or their bike, to find them in the event of loss.

A solution to combat harassment

In order to try to deal with this type of incident, Apple launched a feature that appeared shortly after the marketing of AirTags, released in 2021 in France and the rest of the world. The option in question is responsible for warning you if a beacon that does not belong to you is tracking you. You are free to then notify the competent authorities if you suspect illegal surveillance.

Apple is then required to provide the contact details of the owner of the AirTag to the police, and also communicates the number of identifiers revealed in this way within an annual report, for the sake of transparency.

AirTag 2 is on the way

< p>According to rumors previously published, the second generation of AirTags is already in the pipeline. The reporter from BloombergMark Gurman estimates that the new beacon could see the light of day no later than 2025, when the fourth generation iPhone SE is also expected. The source is relatively reliable, being wrong less than 2 times out of 10 according to the latest statistics looking into the issue.

We don't yet know how much the new AirTag, but UWB technology which makes it possible to detect the position of small gadgets more precisely would be more efficient than today. This would notably result in better reach for users; in other words it will in theory be possible to detect the presence of the beacon from a further distance than what is proposed today.

Among the main competitors of the AirTag today, we find in particular the Tile and Chipolo brands. Cheaper.

  • A French AirTag user was convicted of spying on his ex-partner with
  • The beacon should have a second generation next year
  • If an AirTag that belongs to you is not tracking you, you can be notified

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