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A radical transformation is taking shape for the iPad: see you in 2026 ?

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While its competitors are gradually integrating foldable screens into their products, Apple is being more cautious. However, according to rumors, the apple brand is indeed working on this format. And recently, new information on the future folding iPhone or iPad has circulated on the web. In a recent article, our colleagues at MacRumors relay a publication from Korean media The Elec on the subject.

According to the article, Apple is studying a folding iPad mini format, with a 7 to 8 inch screen. On the other hand, you will still have to be patient. Indeed, Apple plans to market this product between 2026 and 2027. In the meantime, discussions are already underway with potential suppliers. Samsung Display and LG have even reportedly already sent samples of 7-inch and 8-inch foldable screens to Apple since last year.

Besides, in addition of this folding iPad mini, Apple could also offer a folding model with a 20.5-inch screen. But as usual, this information should be considered with caution, since it comes from unofficial sources. But in any case, Apple will not be able to ignore this new trend indefinitely.

Apple pushed to take the plunge ?

It is important to note that rumors about Apple's plans with Foldable screens have been around for a very long time. However, this year, the firm may be pushed to make a decision, in order to remain competitive.

Recently, analyst Ming Chi Kuo published predictions for iPhone shipments in 2024. And these are not very optimistic. Indeed, Kuo believes that Apple could reduce its shipments by 10% to 15%. Why ? “The iPhone faces structural challenges that will lead to a significant decline in shipments in 2024, including the emergence of a new paradigm in high-end mobile phone design and the continued decline in shipments in the Chinese market”, he said.

The analyst also specifies that this new paradigm includes the emergence of generative AI, as well as folding smartphones. Apple would therefore need to offer radical new design features to be more competitive. When it comes to generative AI, Apple is working on this technology. And he is preparing to make an important announcement this year. However, Ming Chi Kuo believes that Apple will not truly differentiate itself until 2025, at the earliest.

A good year for Samsung ?

In any case, in the same publication, Ming Chi Kuo predicts an increase in shipments from Samsung, for the Galaxy S24 series. This increase would be attributed to higher than expected demand, thanks to the AI-based features that Samsung has just presented. As for Samsung's folding smartphones, these should be unveiled in the second half of the year. And currently, rumors suggest the development of a more affordable version of the Galaxy Z Fold6.

  • Apple does not offer more devices with foldable screens, but he is already studying this technology
  • According to the latest rumors, the first iPad with a foldable screen should be launched between 2026 and 2027
  • It would be a foldable version of the iPad mini, with a 7 to 8 inch screen
  • In any case, the adoption of foldable screens by the competition could affect iPhone sales in 2024
  • Analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted a 10% to 15% reduction in iPhone shipments this year

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