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A risk of "over-summer": the worrying weather phenomenon that awaits France in July and August

Temperatures are yo-yoing in France. What to expect for July and August? Specialists are already talking about what to expect for July and August? the risk of an "sur-ésummeré" worrying.

Temperatures have continued to rise in France in recent years with intense heat arriving earlier and earlier in spring and at the beginning of summer. And the year 2024 is breaking all records. Meteorologists fear a new storm the most scorching, a situation that is always difficult à live, for the most fragile in particular. For this ésum&eac;, The Weather Channelforecasts temperatures above seasonal norms in July, of the order of +1 to +1 +2 degrees on average. This would place this period in the same range as last year. An occasional stormy axis could also emerge from the southwest to the northwest. is, making summer 2024 less dry than the previous one. Forecasts still remain uncertain. specify, particularly regarding precipitation. 

Ruben Hallali, meteorologist, however, mentioned on BFMTV the risk of an "over-summer", caused by by a cycle with "from the arrival of spring, from the end of March, from the beginning of April, the capacity & oacute; to have days that are summery" then a ésumé "which drags on a little in autumn, until mid-October, with still very hot weather". During this “summer” phenomenon, which could occur between June and August, Temperatures could approach 40 degrees while normal maximums for the season are around 30 degrees. For the meteorologist, it is possible that the storms will continue in the years to come. come. 

A risk of "over-summer": the worrying weather phenomenon that awaits France in July and August

© SYSPEO/SIPA (published on 04/16/2024)

Such temperatures have already been observed. été reached in 2023. With 43 degrees à Carcassonne, 42 à Toulouse, 41 à Lyon in particular, many cities had broken records for maximum temperatures. 2023 was then ranked fourth hottest summer since 1900, just behind ;ere 2003, 2018 and 2022. The over-é is also accompanied by increasingly short winter.

Can we nevertheless qualify it as the fifth season ? "From an academic point of view, “talking about five seasons doesn't really make sense, because we're basing ourselves on astronomy,” he replied. TF1 Gaëtan Heymes, forecaster & Météo-France. If the four seasons are well preserved, it is certain that they evolve in particular with summer temperatures which extend over the duration. “Previously, the hottest temperatures in the heart of summer' These were generally observed over the period July 15-August 15. À Currently, temperatures at the beginning of July tend to get colder. match à which was the heart of the summer, with an extension of the period of heat waves. We can have them sooner or later, he analyzed.

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