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A school principal attacked by a student's family: can the child be expelled ?

A school director from Marseille was arrested. attacked by the mother and sister of a student in his establishment. The child's place in school is called into question.

In Marseille, a terrible incident occurred in a school in the 11th arrondissement this Monday, April 15. The director of the Millière establishment was attacked by the mother and big sister of a student. She wore complaint against the two women. The complaint was filed coupled with that of support from the academic inspector. of five days of ITT following & this altercation. The two women were attacked. placed in custody seen for aggravated violence leading to an ITT of less than eight days  and outrage à people charged with public service missions, according to the Marseille prosecutor's office.

The mother and her daughter presented themselves at the school gate this Monday. They complained that the child was not able to participate in the event. a school trip, due to lack of parental authorization. Without this paper, teachers cannot take charge of the student. In the event of an accident or problems, they would be held responsible. The teaching staff then tried to stop them. to explain the situation & the family who didn't want to hear anything. The two women then began to fight. &agrav; raise your voice.

The director of the establishment had to intervene, calmly asking the two women to leave the school. "The student's big sister then scratched her. and brought him shots", described the Aix-Marseille & BFMTV. According to a member of the parents' association of the school, La Provence, insults were also used. taught and the teachers were called "racist". The mother even filed a complaint for racism.

The parents of students request a change of establishment

Continued à Following these events, the carnival planned for the next day was canceled. canceled and a psychological unit was established. set up for teachers and students still in shock. The parents of the students are demanding, on their part, a change of school for the student in question in order to prevent the student from being transferred to another school. teaching team and the director is still à face &agrav; this family and to encourage a peaceful resumption of classes.

This Thursday, the district inspector will be present at the scene of the altercation at the end of the day to receive the parents and respond to your questions this application. He indicated; &agrav; BFMTV still "looking for solutions". A difficult decision since the'él& Eve is not involved. in the acts of violence committed by his mother and sister. This April 18, a confrontation is also planned between the director and her attackers. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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