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A serial killer at Nagui, in a TV game, without him suspecting it

Wanted by Crime investigators for nearly three decades, the "Grêlé", cel&egrave ;bre French serial killer, had nevertheless made an appearance on the set of "Everybody wants to take their place", in 2019.

Crime investigators owe him many sleepless nights. For thirty-five years, François Vêlé quot;, was é wanted by the police, before they finally found his trace in September 2021. Cornered, he committed suicide. before you can be arrested and questioned. On the table of the Grau-du-Roi Airbnb in which he had ended his stay. his days, the one who had been during his career as a gendarme then a policeman and who was perceived as a good family man, had however left a letter of confession. He admitted to having killed é innocent people à a time when he was subject to a "mad rage", in his words.

But surprise, this Tuesday, March 12, Marianne released a video from the celé ;egrave;bre television gameé animated by Nagui, Everyone wants to take their place, in which the serial killer intervenes as a participant. An extract found &agrav; the continuation of the revelations of the journalist Patricia Tourancheau who, in the program L'Heure du crime from RTL, revealedé on February 26 having discovered that the "Grêlé", whose composite portrait had nevertheless been able to be & ;eac;established and disseminated; at the time of his crimes committed between 1986 and 1994, had not always ensured that he was &agrav; stay discreet. Questioned by investigators, his wife would indeed have assured suspecting nothing, adding that her husband did not seem to be hiding. As proof, she would have supported, her participation in the television game. Rather à comfortable with Nagui's questions regarding his personal life, the "Grêlé" However, he had not succeeded in doing so. shine during his appearance on the show and had been  éeliminatedé from the first round.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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