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Un professor killed and three people injured, who are the victims of the attack in Arras?

A French teacher has been there. killed in a high school in Arras following a knife attack on Friday October 13. A second teacher, a technical agent and a maintenance agent were added. injured.

[Put to; day October 14, 2023 à 00h39] A teacher was killed Friday October 13 in a high school in the city Gambetta-Carnot school, during a knife attack Arras. &Agé Around fifty years old, he was a French teacher, according to Le Parisien. The alleged suspect is a 20-year-old young man of Chechen origin who is a former student of the establishment, according to information from Libération . During his attack perpetrated Friday around 11 a.m., the suspect also injured three people: another teacher, a technical agent and a maintenance agent. This other teacher is a PE teacher, indicates Liberation.

The anti-terrorism prosecutor of the Republic, Jean-François Ricard, gave the order. a press conference Friday evening, in which he returned to the events of the morning. Arriving in front of the school, the suspect “first hit” with a knife a teacher who was in front of this establishment. "At this moment, a second teacher came to lend a helping hand. his colleague. He was hit à “, continued the prosecutor.

The suspect then entered the room. in high school, "whereù he started a journey leading him notably to go to the courtyard located next door. 'to the rear of this establishment'. "He found himself in front of several people including a technical agent whom he injured several stabbings and a maintenance worker who was also stabbed. “injured”, indicated Jean-François Ricard. The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor's Office has taken over the investigation into the counts of “assassination in relation to a terrorist enterprise”, “attempted assassination in relation to a terrorist enterprise” ; and "terrorist criminal association with a view to preparing crimes against people".

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