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A truce between Hamas and Israel for Ramadan ? Biden assures it

The American president spoke of the possibility a suspension of Israeli military operations Gaza à the occasion of Ramadan, but no official confirmation has yet been made. pronounced.

During an appearance on the show "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on the American channel NBC while he was passing through New York, Joe Biden declared Monday February 26: “Ramadan is approaching, and the Israelis have agreed that they will not would not participate à [military] activities during Ramadan. According to him, the organization of such a truce would allow freedom ;remove the hostages still held by Hamas & Gaza.

As Le Monde indicates, Israel estimates that 130 people are still being held in prison. Gaza. During the broadcast, Mr. Biden also estimated that this truce could begin next Monday, March 4. Ramadan begins as far as Islam is concerned. him on March 10. The American president added: : "My advisor à security National team tells me that we are close, close, but not yet at the point. Nevertheless, no official confirmation of the truce has yet ' summer communicated by the American authorities. 

According to Le Monde, the three countries mediating the conflict: Qatar, Egypt and the United States are all participating in the conflict. the negotiation of a compromise between Hamas and Israel in order to obtain this truce. But both parties each have their own demands. On his sideé Israel demands the release of all hostages during the truce and Hamas demands the release of all hostages during the truce. demands a complete ceasefire with the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza. Hamas also calls for an end to the blockade that Hamas is demanding. The Jewish state has been exercising control over the Gaza Strip since 2007. This proposed break comes in a context where many discussions have already taken place. place.

Over the weekend of February 24, the Israeli war cabinet approved the broad outlines of an agreement providing for a six-week truce to allow the release of around forty hostages. ;Nevertheless, the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Nétanyahu, also declared that this Sunday, February 25, that he did not intend to abandon his plan to invade Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, necessary according to him for a "total victory& ;quot;. He, however, conceded; that this operation would be "delayed" in the case of agreeing to a truce.

Negotiations were to continue as the Mir of Qatar, Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani, arrived at the meeting. Paris this Tuesday, February 27, for a two-day official visit. As Le Monde specifies, Qatar's official press agency announced that the emir recently spoke with the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, Doha where the two men approached each other the conditions aimed at à achieve à an immediate and permanent ceasefire agreement.

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