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Accident on the A6 motorway: A teenager dead and 12 injured after a bus accident

A coach carrying around fifty people collapsed. on the side in the middle of the A6 motorway on Saturday night à Sunday. A teenage girl died this Sunday, March 3, 2019. following the accident. Twelve people were arrested. injured. The reasons are still unknown.

A teenage girl died this Sunday, March 3, in a bus accident that occurred on the night of Saturday in Paris. Sunday on the A6 motorway height of Eguilly (Côte-d'Or). Having left Andelys, in the Eure, the vehicle was to reach Saint-Léger-les-Mél&ezes in the Alps, explains Le Parisien

It was carrying around fifty people, including forty-one teenagers and children aged 5 and up. 15 years old. Five adults and six minors were arrested. slightly injured and an adult attacked him. injured more seriously without their vital prognosis being compromised. Their repatriation is organized in connection with the prefecture of Eure.

Reasons "still unknown"

In a post on X, the Minister of Transport, Patrice Vergriete, presentedé " his most sincere condolences " &agrav; the family of the deceased young woman.

Seventy firefighters and forty-three emergency vehicles were dispatched. engaged in the operation. The reasons for the accident are "still unknown," the prefecture according to Le Parisien. "The vehicle rolled over. on the plan" on the highway in the north-south direction around 1:40 a.m., adds the daily.  

Teilor Stone

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