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Accused of anti-Semitism, influencer Poupette Kenza attacks the government

After making anti-Semitic remarks on Instagram, the influencer found herself at the heart of the controversy. Return to the Poupette Kenza affair.

"I tell you, it's clear and clear, I am a pro-Palestinian, I do not work for any Zionist or Jewish person […].  I don’t have any partners, any agents who are Jewish or anything,” the influencer Poupette Kenza in a story published Wednesday May 15 on her Instagram account followed by more than a million people. late &agrav; make people react to the top of the state. The interministerial delegation to the fight against racism, anti-semitism and anti-LGBT hatred (Dilcrah) thus indicated Thursday having signaledé the video to the prosecutor.

And while the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) announced on complaint against Kenza Benchrif, real name, for "incitement &agrave hatred and &agrav; discrimination", believing that given the number of subscribers of the influencer, such remarks put "Jews in danger",  the minister responsible for the fight against discrimination, Aurore Berg&eac;, recalled  on the social network that “boycott women and men because of their identity” or religion, it's obviously illegal. The deputy socialist Arthur Delaporte also denounced on X a video of “unbelievable anti-Semitic violence” iuml;e […] inadmissible" and made it known that he had "seized Pharos", à namely the government site for reporting illegal content and behavior online. 


The main interested party had, for her part, published a new video shortly after the one at the heart of the controversy, in which she claimed to have expressed herself “poorly” ;e" and assured that he had nothing "against the Jews". This did not prevent us from taking action. Instagram to temporarily deactivate its account Thursday afternoon. À new accessible &agrav; Every few hours later, Poupette Kenza's account presented a new apology message in written form. And if the influencer admits to having committed a “serious mistake”, she insists on the fact that it was “involuntary”. Poupette Kenza also returns to the Dilcrah report, directly accusing the government. "In my opinion, it is lamentable and dangerous that the French government is using me and throwing me into the hands of others. “for political purposes,” denounces the influencer, who deplores now being faced with political issues. an "wave of hatred, of violence without precedent" and also being the subject of death and rape threats. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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