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Affair of the little one Grégory : who is the author of a threatening letter finally identified by DNA?

Thirty-eight years after sending a letter received by little Gregory's grandmother, the crow was killed. identified thanks to his DNA.

For almost forty years, the affair of little Grégory has caused a lot of ink to flow. It must be said that the twists and turns were numerous in this criminal case which is among the most emblematic in French judicial history, with, among other things, numerous indictments but also several crows. And it’s precisely about identity. from one of them that the investigators, who always continue their work discreetly, were able to lift the veil.

According to information from Marianne, new scientific expertise has made it possible to identify the author of an anonymous letter sent on July 24, 1985, almost a year after the death of little Grégory, to her grandmother, Monique Villemin. The analyzes had been carried out requested by the Villemin family and authorized by the courts two years ago, in 2021. Result: the crow is a woman from Guadeloupe. Domiciled in Paris in the 1980s, she was able to be found thanks to his DNA remained on the letter. Compared to data from the Automated National File genetic fingerprints, DNA ended up "matching" with that of a woman convicted of fraud. 

"Next victim Monique"

Questioned by investigators, the suspect admitted having sent the letter, admitting to being "passionate about the issue". However, she refuted this. any involvement in the assassination of little Grégory, killed on October 16, 1984 and found tied hand and foot in Vologne, explains Le Figaro which confirms the information from Marianne. your skin again the Villemain family (sic). Next victim Monique", indicated the crow in his famous letter.

If this discovery will not put an end to the problem, the investigation into the affair of little Grégory, it still leaves the hope of seeing, one day, this case resolved, perhaps thanks to ;to be, to new technologies and techniques. In Figaro, the lawyer for the boy's parents confided in the sense that the latter “believe and continue to believe that science, with its progress, is of a nature to be able to provide them with answers.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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