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After an energetic speech, Biden campaigns in key states

Port by the mostly positive reception reserved for the guests. &agrav; his speech on the State of the Union, Joe Biden takes his combative message against Donald Trump with him on the path to the presidential campaign on Friday.

The Democratic president, who is seeking a second term in November, has several key states on his agenda. As his rematch with his Republican predecessor gets underway, he goes first to Pennsylvania on Friday then to Georgia on Saturday.

Next week, the octogenarian will go to New Hampshire on Monday, Wisconsin on Wednesday and Michigan on Thursday.

On Thursday evening, Mr. Biden delivered one of the fiercest State of the Union addresses ever delivered in the congressional chamber, transforming this solemn high mass into an energetic campaign rally.

He has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump, accusing him of “submitting” to Russian President Vladimir Putin and representing a threat to American democracy. He also attacked the elected representatives of the Republican Party, judging that they were bowing down to the business magnate.

The purpose of this speech of more than 'an hour was also to allay concerns around the age of Joe Biden, who peppered his speech with jokes, between two attacks.

As donor money pours in, Mr. Biden will now campaign in every swing state in March, according to his team, in an attempt to get his message to voters.

– “Decisive” –

After an energetic speech, Biden campaigns in key states

Elizabeth Warren and Sheldon Whitehouse cheer Joe Biden on March 7, 2024 at the US Congress in Washington © POOL – SHAWN THEW

As for Vice-President Kamala Harris, she is traveling to Arizona and Nevada with Hispanic voters in her sights, according to the same source.

“Joe Biden is on a mission to connect with voters where they are and bridge our divides,” said campaign chair Jen O'Malley Dillon.

“As Donald Trump, saddled with a losing agenda and a cash-strapped operation, is actively alienating decisive voters,” she added.

Assailed by business, Mr. Trump alternates between campaign meetings and court appearances – he has already spent nine of his days in a courtroom since the start of the year, according to an AFP count.

The Republican was notably ordered to pay nearly $355 million in fines for financial fraud.

Mr. Biden travels to Philadelphia on Friday for a campaign event, his latest visit to Pennsylvania.

In this crucial state, many working-class voters had dropped out the Democrats for Donald Trump in 2016, before Joe Biden rallied them to his cause in 2020.

Polls place the Democratic president behind his Republican rival this time. He hopes his State of the Union address will have given him a national platform to millions of voters.

– “Hyper-partisan” –

After an energetic speech, Biden campaigns in key states

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to Joe Biden during his State of the Union address on March 7, 2024 © POOL – SHAWN THEW

Without ever mentioning Donald Trump by name, but referring to his rival as “my predecessor” 13 times, Mr. Biden launched a frontal attack on Republicans on issues ranging from law to the economy, warning that freedom and democracy were in danger.

Democrats cheered, chanting “Four more years” as that Republicans frequently interrupted or booed him, particularly on immigration. He responded every time.

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, seated behind Mr. Biden as is tradition, shook his head often in disapproval during the speech.

“It was an aggressive and hyper-partisan speech,” he said.

“Anyone can read a teleprompter (…) . I think he's a very weak president,” he added.

After an energetic speech, Biden campaigns in key states

Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush during Joe Biden's State of the Union address on March 7, 2024 © AFP – ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS

During his speech, Joe Biden also mentioned the war in Gaza, which provokes the fury of the very left wing of his party as well as among the Arab-American community, very critical of his support for Israel.

The president announced that he had ordered the US military to build a temporary port in Gaza to deliver more humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territory besieged by Israel.

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