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After Europe, the United States could force Apple to transform your iPhone

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In an 88-page document, the Department of Justice and 16 state and district attorneys general announced their intention to sue Apple in justice. The Cupertino company is accused of knowingly taking advantage of an illegal monopoly to popularize the iPhone over the years, not respecting the rules of free competition.

The apple brand has already reacted to these accusations which “call into question [our] identity” and which are, according to the company “the very principles that distinguish Apple products”.

2024, the beginning of the end for Apple ?

Apple has never been more powerful than in 2024, and yet this year seems to mark a clear change of direction in the brand's history. The Apple is attacked from all sides, in Europe, it has suffered the arrival of the DMA. Not to mention the record fines imposed by the Commission. In South Korea too, the apple brand is no longer welcome.

But today it is the American Department of Justice which is attacking Apple. The Cupertino company was, just 5 years ago, the demonstration of American omnipotence and soft power, but since then, almost everything has changed.

Apple is criticized by the political class, for various reasons. The arrival of the American presidential campaign risks bringing the question of Apple to the fore, the two candidates already having the Cupertino company as their scapegoat on many subjects.

The “iPhone’monopoly” a reality ?

In its indictment document, the American Department of Justice announces several very clear points on which it should carry a large part of the investigation. The ministry particularly regrets that Apple is hindering the fundamental principles of free competition in several areas of the iPhone.

For example, Apple prevents third-party companies from using SMS and MMS technologies, allowing iMessage to operate without competitors. Apple also prohibits other apps from accessing Apple Pay, putting the feature in a monopoly situation.

Apple assures the opposite

In a press release, Apple reacted to the announcement of this legal action. The Apple brand defends itself and explains that these features are not there to “create a monopoly” but rather to make a difference clear distinction between Apple products and its competitors.

According to Apple, this legal action will create a “dangerous precedent&# 8221; in “allowing the government to intervene heavily in the design of the technology.” As for the Ministry of Justice, the arrival of this new legal action is the logical next step.

After carrying out investigations and actions against Google and Microsoft, it is Apple's turn to go to court. The Cupertino company has promised to defend it ardently.

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