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After jury selection, Trump's trial will be able to address the merits of the case

Photo: Spencer Platt via Agence France-Presse Donald Trump protested again when he arrived at court on Friday morning against “a rigged trial” which is preventing him from campaigning.

Ana Fernandez – Agence France-Presse in New York

Published on April 19

  • United States

The jury of twelve members and six alternates was constituted on Friday at the historic trial of Donald Trump in New York, which will therefore be able to get to the merits of the case on Monday, as requested by Judge Juan Merchan .

This final phase of jury selection was disrupted by a horrific scene, when a man attempted to set himself on fire in front of the Manhattan courthouse where the trial was being held, in front of the cameras and media cameras around the world.

The author of this act, with no apparent link to the case, was subsequently identified by the police as Maxwell Azzarello, promoter of theses on a vast financial conspiracy, whose condition is “critical” according to the firefighters.

First ex-American president to appear in a criminal trial, Donald Trump is on trial for hidden payments intended to buy the silence of a former porn star, Stormy Daniels, a few days before the 2016 election which he won narrowly against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Republican candidate, who will face Democratic outgoing President Joe Biden in November, protested again, arriving at the court on Friday morning for a fourth day of hearing, against “a rigged trial” which prevents campaigning.

He also criticized Judge Merchan, the “worst there is,” for prohibiting him from making any public comments aimed at witnesses or jurors, an attack according to Donald Trump on “his constitutional right to express himself” freely.

Seven men and five women

The process of skimming the more than 200 potential jurors who have paraded since Monday, more than half of whom were exempt after declaring themselves incapable of fairly judging the ex-president, and others challenged by the defense or the prosecution, is now complete.

On Thursday, twelve jurors, seven men and five women residing in Manhattan, had already taken the oath after having had their lives scrutinized and answered numerous questions.

And on Friday, their six substitutes were designated.

Working in finance, law, commerce, education or health, the jurors, whom the judge promised would remain anonymous, represent a snapshot of New York society.

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More than three years after leaving the White House in chaos, Donald Trump theoretically faces a prison sentence. This would not prevent him from facing Joe Biden in November, for a revenge of the 2020 election, but would project the campaign into the unknown.

If he were found not guilty, however, it would be a major success for the Republican candidate.

Especially since he managed through appeals to postpone his three other criminal trials, two in Washington and Georgia for unlawful attempts to reverse the results of the 2020 election, and one in Florida for allegedly casual handling of classified documents.

In this case before the courts of the State of New York, Donald Trump is charged with falsification of accounting documents of his company, the Trump Organization, which allegedly had the aim of hiding, under the guise of ” legal fees,” the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels by her then-personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

In exchange, the former X-rated movie star agreed to keep quiet about a sexual relationship with the billionaire in 2006. Donald Trump has always denied this relationship and his defense ensures that the payments were in the private sphere. 62~

But prosecutor Alvin Bragg intends to demonstrate that these are indeed fraudulent maneuvers to hide information from voters a few days before the vote.

If he were elected again, Donald Trump could, once inaugurated in January 2025, order the abandonment of federal proceedings against him, in Washington and Florida.

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