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Oleksandr LESHchenko, “FACTS”

Artist Serhiy Babkin, who was criticized for performing a Russian-language song during a tour in the USA, responded to objections. He expressed his attitude to the situation in the new song “Betrayal”. He sang in Ukrainian, but the text outraged Ukrainians. Serhiy ridiculed the haters and noted that people began to get confused in terms:

«You don't have an embroidered shirt in your home closet — treason.
Don't eat lard and banosh, don't drink vodka — treason.
The lipstick is like in Pugachova Alla — treason.
There is no treason in shells hitting the face with hail.
A little boy watches “Smeshariki” on YouTube — treason.
Fell out of mouth "I ask for forgiveness" — betrayal.
You have "Notes" in iPhone, not «Notes» — treason.
Fighters at the front do not care — it is necessary or necessary.

And are are we, dear ones, confused in terms?
And are are we not peering into the darkness like this? /> Isn't not too much effort goes into treason?
Are we not becoming a herd-like nation?"

The network reacted to such words. They call it unacceptable manipulation of language issues at the front. Users believe that the artist is trying to justify himself by shifting responsibility.

In the comments they write:

«Using soldiers on the front to justify manipulative statements — this bottom", "What a difference" style".

«Here Babkin showed how he treats fellow citizens», «I mean you were at the bottom and here you decided to break through the bottom further».

«The time of unity with Russians at any levels is over. the time of tolerating everything Russian is over. you either accept it or simply harm Ukrainians. it's a pity that they chose the last».

“Oh! Did we have any wrong criteria for betrayal? Now Serhii from Germany will tell us what we have the right to be offended by, and what we don't? It's time, Sergey, it's time!»

Serhii Babkin released "betrayal" after the scandal, which outraged Ukrainians even more

True , Babkin ignores negative reviews.

We will remind you that Serhii Babkin at the beginning of a full-scale invasion left the border with his wife and children. They settled in Austria. Only in November 2022, he performed in native city — Kharkiv.

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