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After Yanis Marshall, five other people accuse Bruno Vandelli of sexual assault

Accused of rape by Yanis Marshall, the choreographer Bruno Vandelli wasé accused by five former students of sexual assault, particularly during training.

Bruno Vandelli is the target of new accusations of sexual assault. A big name in the dance world in France, the choreographer is well known for his work. the head of a training establishment Cannes since 2006. But several students or former students of the dance school today accuse their teacher of #39;having engaged in inappropriate behavior &agrav; towards them. Among them, the dancer and former Star Academy teacher, Yanis Marshall, was named. one of the first   accuse his former coach of having attacked him sexually when he was only 14 years old. At the end of January, he wore complaint against Bruno Vandelli, who was 42 years old & at the time, for "aggravated rape" and "corruption of minors". An investigation has since been carried out. open and confided à the judicial police of Nice. 

Yanis Marshall had assuredé that he was not the only victim of the choreographer. BFMTV, a student of the Cannes dance school of Bruno Vandelli had, in fact, ;nbsp;read during an end-of-year show and in front of a large audience a letter in which he denounced the actions of his dance teacher. In a survey published this Thursday, February 29 in Le Parisien, new details have been added. issued on these charges. The young man would have assuredé that his teacher would have sent him  SMS "perverse" and would "rubé his penis against him. His mother filed a complaint against him. complaint against Bruno Vandelli.

The investigation does not stop there; since she reveals four new damning testimonies. The accusations are made by four men, three of whom were minors at the time of the alleged events, the youngest of whom had not ;nbsp;only 12 years old. Several of them have revealed themselves. messages "unequivocal" that would have sent them their former teacher when they were still his students. SMS messages like this "I'I would have liked to hear them again. 'be your nurse to treat your crotch" or even invitations à join him in his room in the middle of the night. They also denounced touching during training: "At each break, he wanted someone to press him on the back, in reality, to be the masse", toldé one of the accusers. Bruno Vandelli would have always employedé the same operational mode: he surrounded himself with a "court" with his favorite pupils, always boys, whom he placed first. egrave;re line.

Bruno Vandelli denies the facts

Bruno Vandelli defended himself to the Parisian ensuring that he It was not a question of touching but of an "ost'opathy session". "That's all " normal fact, we learn à relax the muscles. “It’s part of dancer training,” he explained. For the SMS, he did not admit to having made such comments: "Perhaps I could have said   I told someone he was sexy, but I was also able to tell him that. girls. I'm not perfect.

He also carried complaint complaint against Yanis Marshall for "defamation" also accusing him of being at fault. the origin of this wave of testimonies to against him. The sixty-year-old must be tried this April 17 by the Grasse criminal court for "corruption of a minor" .

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