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AI in the sights of Brussels: the Commission investigates digital giants

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Now that the Digital Services Act is in force, the European Commission has more means to control tech giants. And in fact, in a press release published this week, Brussels announced an investigation targeting Bing, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. At this time, no charges have been brought against these services. But the European Commission indicates that it is asking them to provide information on the measures taken to mitigate the risks linked to generative artificial intelligence.

More precisely, the Commission is interested in the risks linked to AI hallucinations (when it generates false information), deepfake, and the use of generative AI to interfere with the elections. “The Commission also requests information and internal documents on risk assessments and mitigation measures related to the impact of generative AI on electoral processes, dissemination of illegal content, protection of fundamental rights, gender-based violence, protection of minors, mental well-being, protection of personal data, consumer protection and intellectual property” ,adds the Commission.

A fine for those who do not play the game

The next stage of this investigation will depend on the information that will be provided by the services concerned. They have until April 5 to respond to requests relating to the elections, and until April 26 for other requests. In any case, the European Commission recalls that under the DMA, it can sanction the services subject to an investigation if they provide incomplete or false information. Penalties are also provided for by legislation if deadlines are not met.

Note also that if Bing, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube are the subject of an investigation in relation to AI, the Commission has also announced, in other press releases, ;other investigations regarding AliExpress and LinkedIn. Regarding AliExpress, Brussels announces a formal procedure to determine whether the platform has violated the law “in areas related to risk management and mitigation, content moderation and internal complaints handling mechanism, transparency of advertising and recommendation systems, traceability of merchants and access to data for researchers.”< /p>

For its part, LinkedIn received a request for information on the operation of its advertising platform.

  • Pursuant to the Digital Services Act, the European Commission has just sent requests for information to Bing, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube, in relation to AI
  • Brussels wants to know how these online services mitigate the risks linked to generative AI
  • If a service provides incomplete or false information, sanctions are possible
  • Brussels has also launched formal proceedings against AliExpress, and sent a request for information to LinkedIn concerning its advertising platform

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