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Air traffic controllers strike: flights canceled this Thursday despite lifting of notice

If the majority union of air traffic controllers has announced the lifting of its strike notice, others are still calling for strike action. mobilization. Disruptions are therefore still expected at airports this Thursday, April 25.

Although less significant than expected, disruptions are still expected in airports this Thursday, April 25. Air traffic controllers are decided to decide make their anger heard, despite the lifting of the preliminary strike notice filed by the majority union in the sector, the SNCTA. The organization which railed against the measures to overhaul air traffic control in France finally found its support. common ground during the negotiations which continued until late in the night of April 23-24. She actually announced the lifting of its preliminary strike notice in a press release published this Wednesday morning, à the day before the mobilization.

But this time the SNCTA's decision was not upheld. followed by the other unions which preferred maintain their strike notice and allow air traffic controllers still dissatisfied with the negotiations to mobilize this Thursday, April 25. The strike at the airports is therefore still relevant, even if the disruptions should be less numerous. The SNCTA represents 60% of workers in the sector and its decision should be followed by many of them. Moreover, the union explained that that "taking into account the extremely short deadline linkedé à this last minute conciliation, each controller can cancel his prior declaration [of strike], despite the deadline of 6 p.m. the day before the previous day. exceeded. Note that the strike notices filed for the Ascension weekend, from May 9 to 11, by the SNCTA have been ;also éandé lifted.

Several flights remain canceled

On Tuesday, before the SNCTA withdrew its strike notice, between 60% and 70% of flights were likely to be canceled on the route. ;#39;all French airports according to estimates. The number of disturbances should be reviewed carefully. the decline, but deletions are still maintained. In Paris, you have to expect ' 75% of cancellations Orly (a rate which therefore remains unchanged) and 55% deletions à Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, compared to 65% before the withdrawal of the majority union.

In the south, several airports have announced cancellations, but their number has been reduced. reduced since: 65% of flights are canceled at Marseille and à Nice. In all other airports in the country, 45% of flights are canceled. These reductions in air traffic have been implemented. requested by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Travelers affected by these deletions have been notified. informed or were able to learn whether or not their flight was maintained on the airline sites. However, it is better to be vigilant and double-check. the situation of their flight after the few adjustments and reductions in the number of canceled flights. For travelers whose flight is not ;eacute;was not affected; by the way, no changes should disrupt the trip.

Why are the controllers striking ?

At the origin of this strike: a new version of a protocol aimed at restructuring air navigation services deemed simply "unacceptable" by the main union in the sector, the SNCTA. In particular, there is a question of reorganizing the work of air traffic controllers in order to counterbalance the expected increase in air traffic. In exchange for this, hiring and pay increases are promised.

Begun fifteen months ago, the negotiations have dragged on for a long time. The  SNCTA émentioned until Wednesday April 24 a "éfailure of conciliation", relays in particular Le Figaro< /em>. "The version published [by the DGAC editor's note] is in no way signable for the SNCTA which considers it as a provocation if not an insult,” the union said on its website. But the discussions finally came to fruition on the night of April 23 to 24 leading to à the lifting of the strike notice for Thursday, April 25.

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