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Alert! GTA 6 officially announced by Rockstar Games

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Just this morning, we announced the possibility of seeing the highly anticipated GTA VI be made official this week by Rockstar Games. In the end, we only had to wait a few hours, since the American giant has just made an official post on “next Grand Theft Auto“.

The new GTA VI is official (finally!)

After months (years) of rumors and other fantasies, the new GTA is finally official. It was Sam Houser himself who spoke through the official Rockstar Games account, to first discuss the company's 25th anniversary. In a tweet, the latter also announced the “new Grand Theft Auto“.

Don't panic, however, for the game; At this time, the publisher has not released the slightest image of the game, nor even the slightest logo, and even less the slightest trailer. The CEO of Rockstar Games, however, confirmed that a first trailer would be released at the beginning of December.

In 1998, Rockstar Games was founded on the idea that video games could become as essential to culture as any other form of entertainment, and we hope to have created games you love as part of our efforts to make part of this evolution” writes Sam Houser.

Apart from GTA, the American studio is behind numerous hits, starting with Red Dead Redemption of course, but also the excellent Max Payne, without forgetting Midnight Club, Manhunt or Bully (and Table Tennis for the more sporty).

As for GTA VI, the latter will have the difficult task of succeeding a fifth episode which broke all records, with sales estimated at more than 185 million units, since the initial launch of the game there. a… 10 years. It remains to be seen when this highly anticipated new GTA will be available, which should (again) mark the history of video games. Note, however, that the publisher did not explicitly talk about GTA 6, but “the next Grand Theft Auto“. Will Rockstar Games surprise us with a trailer for a “new GTA“, but which ultimately won't be GTA 6? Suspense…

  • This Wednesday, November 8, Rockstar Games made the long-awaited GTA VI official
  • The game will be shown for the first time this month next, via a first trailer
  • This is one of the most anticipated video games of recent years

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