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All the sirens will sound this Thursday in France, an important alert

This Thursday, around 12 p.m., more than 2000 sirens will sound, which could be surprising.

This Thursday, May 2, between 11:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m., sirens will sound in France. The exact time will vary depending on the municipality. Don't panic, this is simply the alert and information system for the population, usually heard every first Wednesday of the month. 

However, the first Wednesday of May fellé on the 1st, public holiday for Labor Day. The operation was therefore simply carried out. shifted by one day as reported by the Ministry of the Interior: "The monthly tests of the national alert signal scheduled for each first Wednesday of the month cannot be held on Wednesday May 1st. Established after the Second World War, these sirens are intended to alert the population of a disaster. safety civil, of natural or technological origin, such as a natural disaster for example. In this case, residents are particularly called upon to help. join, without delay, a closed place.

These alert messages are important. Every first Wednesday of the month, these sirens are tested in order to verify their proper functioning and to allow French people to access to recognize them for the day when the danger would be imminent. They have already done so. été used during the fire at the Lubrizol factory & Rouen in 2019. They sound for 1 minute 41 minutes during tests, while in the event of a real alert, the siren sounds ;ne is no longer long. They are triggered by the town hall, the departmental fire and rescue services or even the fire brigade. In France, 2,133 sirens are distributed across the territory according to the alert zones identified as priority. During tests, like this Thursday, no reaction from the population is therefore expected.

This scenario has already occurred; produced a few months ago, with November 1st which also fell on November 1st. a Wednesday. However, the impact had, à At that time, it was é offset for a week, resonating thus the following Wednesday. This year it would not have been possible. possible since Wednesday May 8 is also a holiday.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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