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Already 20 degrees and few people, this city is ideal at the moment for a weekend

Are you looking for à cut in winter and à take advantage of the first rays of the sun for a welcome weekend break? Here is an escape idea that will seduce you into your life. sure shot.

As winter drags on in most European cities, there are already plenty of options. places where spring awakens in February. With temperatures already flirting with with 20 degrees in the afternoon, and exceeding them even regularly in May too. ;nbsp;generous sunshine all day long, a region stands out from the crowd. this time of year. Very frequented é As summer approaches, it is still relatively weak in February and March, revealing its treasures to the tourists who are lucky enough to visit it outside the city. this time of year.

Jewel of Andalusia, this Spanish city offers a perfect escape for those in search of gentleness and escape. Uncommon This time of year, it becomes the ideal setting for an exotic weekend, far from the tourist crowds, thus allowing a more authentic immersion. The mild weather in Seville in February is a call to action. the discovery of its historical treasures foot. With just a few days of rain and welcoming sunshine, visitors can travel à enjoy the winding streets, squares adorned with orange trees and emblematic monuments without fearing the vagaries of the climate.

Seville, with its past rich and its exceptional architectural heritage, is a city where; history is expressed through every street corner. From the Alcazar Palace & the magnificent Gothic cathedral, each monument tells a story. Visitors can also venture into the bohemian Triana district, discover local markets, or marvel at the # Mudjar, Gothic or Renaissance architecture which shapes the city. What can we also say about the magnificent Plaza de EspaƱa?a ? Spectacular, it has attracted many cinema directors, appearing for example in Lawrence of Arabia or the Star Wars saga.

There are multiple experiences throughout the world. In Seville, here are some of them: getting lost in the Barrio Santa Cruz, sipping cañas in small bars and patios, or even admiring the view from the rooftop terraces after  At dusk, while contemplating the cathedral and the Giralda. Seville is also a festival of flavors & discover. Between modern tapas and Mediterranean cuisine, each meal is a celebration of Andalusian culinary richness.

Don't forget to stroll through the gardens of Parque Maria Luisa, letting yourself be enchanted by an authentic flamenco show, or taking in the beauty of the city. boring on the banks of the Guadalquivir at the end of the day. The city lends itself wonderfully well to romantic getaways, offering enchanting settings for walks hand in hand. As you can see, choosing Seville for a dream weekend in February or March is the promise of # 39;a taste of spring in a city where time seems to stand still. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolises, Seville will charm you with its authenticity, its gentle way of life and its inestimable cultural heritage.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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