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An acorn falls on his car, an American police officer opens fire

Photo: Eva Marie Uzcategui Archives Getty Images via Agence France-Presse The facts, difficult to believe, illustrate the psychosis linked to weapons in a country where they abound. Illustrative photo.

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A police officer in Florida emptied his magazine towards a handcuffed suspect after he thought he heard a gunshot, which was in fact the sound of an acorn having fallen on his patrol vehicle.

The facts, difficult to believe but illustrating the psychosis linked to weapons in a country where they abound, took place in broad daylight in November 2023 in Okaloosa County, according to a video recently made public by the local sheriff.< /p>

The video shows the police officer, named Jesse Hernandez, as he prepares to return to his vehicle parked along the sidewalk, under an oak tree. Inside the car, sitting in the back seat and handcuffed, is a 24-year-old suspect who has just been arrested.

It was at this moment that an acorn fell onto the roof bodywork, as determined by the in-depth eight-week investigation, which resulted in a 44-page report.

The sound of the falling acorn can be heard in the body-worn camera recording of Officer Hernandez, who, precisely 1.1 seconds after the harmless impact, begins shouting “shots of fire ! Fire ! “.

Then, in a completely excessive reaction, the police officer threw himself to the ground, rolled over, drew his service weapon and fired multiple times at his own patrol vehicle.

“I’m touched! I am touched ! », we hear him shout in the video, even though no one is aiming at him.

At the same time, a colleague of the police officer, who was also outside the vehicle, also drew her weapon and in turn emptied her magazine towards the vehicle.

Miraculously, the handcuffed suspect in the back seat was not hit by the multiple bullets that hit the car. The investigation showed that this man, Marquis Jackson, suspected of a trivial theft, was not carrying any firearm.

Agent Hernandez, a former soldier recently recruited into law enforcement, was found guilty of excessive use of deadly force.

According to the investigation report, he explained that he mistook the sound of the falling glans for the detonation of a silenced pistol. He resigned from the police.

“I recognize that this was a truly dramatic and traumatic moment for Mr. Jackson and we are so relieved and grateful that he was not injured,” said Sheriff Eric Aden, before to publicly apologize to him.

Teilor Stone

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