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ANCV holiday vouchers: Connect, restaurant, exchange, where to use them ?

“ANCV holiday voucher: Connect, restaurant, exchange, where to use them?”

It is possible to use your holiday vouchers to pay for transport, accommodation, leisure or restaurants during the holidays. Wù use them, how Ch&eque-Vacances Connect works, how to exchange them ? Questions/answers on ANCV holiday vouchers.

[Mis à updated on February 17, 2022 11:01] Each year, more than 4 million French people benefit from ANCV holiday vouchers. Having the same functioning as bank notes, they are in the form of a checkbook comprising denominations in the amount of 10 50 euros or in digital form on the Cheque-Vacances Connect application (which allows you to pay for purchases in line). Holiday vouchers can thus be used to purchase accommodation, transport, travel, restaurant and cultural services during your vacation.

Who takes vacation vouchers, where? use them ? Can we pay for train or plane tickets and all types of rental in France and elsewhere? abroad? What is the validity period? holiday vouchers ? Can we exchange them when they are expired ? Here is the list of brands that accept them.

The holiday voucher is a nominative voucher, allowing you to better manage your leisure budget. For employees and civil servants, a contribution is covered by the Holiday voucher. #39;employer or the committee business. You would like to know if you will benefit from it ? Ask your human resources department or glass committee. In principle, you can take advantage of it whether you are on a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract. Please note, holiday vouchers are, in principle, valid for a long-term contract. reserved for employees with modest incomes. If your company offers it, be aware that you will have to pay part of your salary into a ;monthly savings. The latter is supplemented by the company or another organization (CE, civil service mutual, etc.). The money accumulated allows you to obtain a right to holiday vouchers.

They generally come in the form of denominations of 10, 20, 25 and 50 euros, and are nominative, but the holder's children, spouse and ascendants can use them ;also. Here is the list of possible beneficiaries of ANCV holiday vouchers : 

  • Private sector employees, if the employer is a client of the ANCV, and condition of meeting the social criteria defined by their prescriber (employer or works council). 
  • The agents of the three public functions (state civil service, territorial civil service and hospital civil service)
  • Withdrawals from which the mutual offers holiday vouchers.

ANCV holiday vouchers can be used for services only: accommodation (camping, accommodation). otels, lodges, etc.), leisure (zoos, amusement park, etc.), restaurants, culture (shows, concerts, museums) and transport (tickets# 39;plane, train and boat for example. In 2020, nearly 200,000 tourism professionals accept vacation vouchers. To find out if a If an establishment accepts this title, an ANCV label must be stuck on their window. You can also consult the website of the ANCV, which lists all partner establishments via an interactive map. Here is a non-exhaustive list of brands that accept them: 

  • Voyages-transport: SNCF, Air France, Thomas Cook, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, FNAC Voyages, Look Voyages, E. Leclerc  Travel, SNCM, Nouvelles Frontières, Promovacances, Karavel, Voyageprivé.com, LastMinute.com, Eurolines, Fram, Corsica Ferries, Opodo…
  • Accommodation: Logis de France, Pierre et Vacances, Maeva, Center-Parcs, VVF Villages, Premiere Classe, Balladins, Climat de France, EtapHôtel, Novotel, Club Med, Interhome… 
  • Catering: Pizza del Arte, Flunch, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Domino's pizza, Burger King, Subway, Buffalo Grill , Paul, La Pataterie… and thousands of independent restaurants
  • Sports and leisure: Parc AstéWaliby, Disneyland Paris, La Mer de Sable, La Cité of Sciences, Nausicaa, UCPA…
  • Culture : Gaumont-Pathé, UGC, Musée du Louvre, Musée d&#39 ;Orsay…

If you were unable to use them during 2020, please contact us. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, please note that holders of holiday vouchers whose validity date has expired expired can exchange their titles for new ones and benefit from a new period of validity. ;nbsp;Holiday vouchers, issued by the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (ANCV), are valid for an additional 2 years of their year of resignation. For example, up to 'à end of 2022 for those issued in 2020 and until 2020 end of 2023 for delivery in 2021.

The next shooting window for holders of unused 2019 holiday vouchers will be available until 2019. the end of the year will therefore open up to a wider audience. from December 15, 2021 on the ANCV website. They will have until March 31, 2022 to proceed. Individuals must use France Connect in order to prove their identity. on the exchange platform using their identifiers from the Tax or Security site. social. Then send their holiday vouchers if they are in paper format. the following address: ANCV/E TSA 84380 77438 Marne la Vallée Cedex 2. They will receive their new holiday vouchers by post in a de  One month after receipt of their request. Please note, the total amount of securities à exchange must be greater than or equal to 30€. And the operation has a cost for paper checks: 10 euros; which will be deducted from the total amount of new titles sent, and which correspond to the processing costs by the ANCV. These fees are zero for the exchange of dematérialisés holiday vouchers.

The Chèques-Vacances Connect mobile application brings together à both paper Holiday Checks and e-Holiday Checks & only one place. You can therefore use your Holiday Vouchers online, in front of you. face to face, by mail or at an automatic terminal from your smartphone. Holiday vouchers in paper format will continue to be issued and marketed.

You can pay for your SNCF train tickets (TGV, TER, Intercites) with holiday vouchers. It is possible to pay for them with your checks in store SNCF or at the station. You can also make an option on the SNCF website, then go to a store or station to pay directly. Please note, certain purchases cannot be paid for. with ANCV holiday vouchers. This is the case for tickets for travel in &Ile-de-France and journeys within France. internationally for example. Please note: in the case of the leave ticket annual, the reduction granted by this rate (-25% on the standard leisure rate) increases to -50% if you pay at least half of the price. of your ticket by holiday vouchers. Have à keep in mind that, on the other hand, the SNCF still does not accept e-holiday vouchers.

Holiday vouchers are not accepted as a means of payment for international journeys. The Eurostar connecting Paris & London, Brussels or Amsterdam, it is therefore not possible to pay for Eurostar tickets with ANCV holiday vouchers.

The Air France company accepts payment with ANCF holiday vouchers but only for certain journeys: "You can pay for your tickets with holiday vouchers, in Air France agencies or at Air France counters in certain airports, for your flights operated by Air France, KLM or HOP! in mainland France, at the start or at the end of the year. destination of overseas France, to the countries of the European Union. Air France specifies that "the number of holiday vouchers that can be used to pay for a ticket is not limited"." ;nbsp;

Fuel is considered as a consumer good and not a provision of services. Even if petrol and diesel are essential when going on holiday by car, you will not be able to pay for your petrol in ANCV holiday vouchers.

Direct payment by holiday vouchers is no longer authorized during the transition to tolling since 2013. Companies d'Autoroutes refuse this method of payment, because it does not sufficiently guarantee the fluidity of the payment process. highway traffic. Please note that it is still possible to credit your holiday vouchers to a telephone badge, baptized "Libert-t Vacances". The beneficiaries can then deposit there up to ' 250 euros per year in holiday vouchers since June 1, 2021 and thus benefit from the advantages of telephony. (reserved lanes, speed of passage, easy payment, etc.). Information and registrations on Autoroutes.fr

Yes, you can do anything. charges for your meal at the restaurant with a holiday voucher. Check all the same before entering the restaurant that an ANCV sticker has been attached. affixed on the window. Indeed, not all restaurants are partners of the holiday voucher program. Almost all McDonald's, Subway and now Burger King restaurants accept payment in holiday vouchers. However, giving change is not obligatory.

Think à check that the agency or service provider is a partner of the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (ANCV). sales guidelines. They must detail the terms of payment. If you encounter difficulty with To find this information, contact the customer service of your service provider, hotel, agency, etc. by email or telephone. In general, you must send holiday vouchers by post or go to a store to validate the payment.

Subject Answers Where are holiday vouchers accepted ? 3 Can we use holiday vouchers at Décathlon ? 9 ANCV holiday vouchers are accepted at Leclerc ? 5 Holiday vouchers: using someone else's 9 Do holiday vouchers work in Spain ? 5

No. The products marketed by Decathlon are goods and not services. It is therefore impossible to pay for your purchases with holiday vouchers, even if it concerns a diving mask or hiking shoes. This rule also applies to other sports brands like Go Sport or Intersport, for example. 

As shown Previously, products marketed by FNAC (CD, DVD, computer equipment, etc.) cannot be paid for. s with holiday vouchers since they too are goods and not services. take out services from the FNAC Voyage agency (organized trips, excursions, etc.) with ANCV holiday vouchers.

Good news, cinema screenings are considered a service. It is therefore possible to pay for a screening in certain Gaumont-Pathé or Cinéville. Your vacation voucher will not, however, allow you to pay for candy, popcorn, a drink or ice cream to enhance your session. Think about what you want to do join the cinema or consult the website to find out if you can pay for the cinema with ANCV holiday vouchers. 

No, online tour operators such as Opodo or Go Voyages do not allow you to pay for your stay in checks -ANCV holidays.

No, the peer-to-peer rental site Airbnb does not allow you to pay for the rental of a house or apartment with a vacation voucher. Only electronic payment (via bank cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc.) is possible on the Airbnb.fr website.

ANCV holiday vouchers are not directly accepted by merchants located in Spain. On the other hand, it is all &agrav; It is possible to use them with agencies located in France which sell plane tickets to Spain, or which rent holiday accommodation.

ANCV holiday vouchers are simple and easy to use. use and &agrav; to use. Simply complete the "Name" fields. and "Address". The service provider will add the missing elements themselves. Do not detach the upper area of ​​the holiday voucher before using it. The service provider will do this too.

ANCV holiday vouchers: Connect, restaurant, exchange, where to use them ?

No, it is not forbidden to give change on holiday vouchers. However, ANCV partners may decide not to do so. You cannot therefore request change if your payment in holiday vouchers exceeds the amount of your purchases.

The validity period holiday vouchers is two years more than their year of issue, until December 31. For example, a holiday voucher issued in 2018 is valid until December 31, 2020. If you have holiday vouchers in your possession Once expired, you can exchange them within three months following their end of validity. Then it's too late. Let's imagine for example that in January 2021, you notice that you still have vouchers that have expired since the end of December 2020, you will have until March 31, 2021 to exchange them for valid holiday vouchers. To find out more, consult the conditions on the ANCV website, here. You should also know that the ANCV no longer produces e-Chè what-Vacation. These can, however, be used up to 100%. their expiry date.

If you have lost your holiday vouchers or they have been stolen, unfortunately there is not much you can do. It is not possible to object to the holiday voucher… The ANCV, however, offers to make a request to search for missing titles. ;quot;. As the agency explains, “this device offers the possibility' to remit the amount of the securities which have not been redeemed. presented for reimbursement on March 31 of the year following the end of validity, by service providers approved by of the ANCV. The terms and conditions are explained on the site.

ANCV holiday vouchers concern both private and private sector employees. than civil servants. The main thing is not to exceed the resource conditions set by the ministry to benefit from it, since the device is allocated ; based on social criteria. It is therefore possible to work at National Education, in public hospitals, in the territorial civil service… to benefit from holiday vouchers. Everything is explained on the ANCV website, sections "Obtain the vacation voucher in the state civil service" and "Obtain the vacation voucher in the territorial or hospital civil service".

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