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Android 15: Google announces a historic change that will transform your smartphone

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Google took advantage of Google I/O to make an Android 15 announcement on a larger scale than one might expect: AI Generative Gemini will replace Google Assistant in this major version of the operating system. All this is made possible by advances in the Gemini models (which are now in version 1.5 Pro) and which Google has managed to compress sufficiently to allow local execution for the most sensitive tasks.

Car Gemini will be very deeply anchored in the user experience. In the company's demos, beyond the ability to deliver responses that are much more complete and useful than those of current assistants, Gemini on Android 15 is always your discreet friend, who listens (locally) to what you do and always delivers something useful when needed. For example, in Messages, let's say you're planning to meet a friend tonight at a restaurant… Gemini understands the context and automatically delivers recommendations, which you can choose to send or not.

Google kills Google Assistant and replaces it with Gemini: the king is dead, long live the king

Even stronger: Gemini will be able to listen to your calls locally and notify you with an alert if it understands that the communication is probably linked to a scam or a phishing attempt. A very useful feature when too many people fall victim to this type of scam every year, whether they are fake calls from companies like Microsoft, or other spoofs. identity card whose purpose is generally to extract a lot of money from victims.

Beyond what we think are the biggest new features of Gemini's integration in Android 15, Google's most advanced AI brings some other benefits to the user experience . There is something for people suffering from blindness with TalkBack allowing you to richly describe images and even what you see in videos. All this again locally, including when the network no longer receives.

Circle to Search is improving to provide context and more understanding to students to do their homework. For example, if they come across a problem, they just need to take a photo and circle it. Gemini will then give them a series of step-by-step instructions to find a solution.

Of course, with the news that Google is starting to replace Assistant with what's now called Gemini for Android, there's some hope that Google Assistant will give way to Gemini in the near future. connected speakers, finally making them more useful and natural to use – which probably wouldn't be luxury!

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