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Android 15 wants to help you keep your secrets

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Google is already testing Android 15 in preview but for the moment, the firm has only revealed new features that have an impact for developers. To find out what features will be visible to users, you will most likely have to wait for the Google I/O conference, which is scheduled for May. But, in the meantime, many rumors are already circulating about the new features that Google should offer on this new version of its operating system. And among these new features, there should be a feature called Private Space.

And, as its name suggests, it is a private space, within the smartphone, which will help the user hide their most sensitive information. In an article published on Android Authority, developer Mishaal Rahman gives new information that he discovered about Private Space, even if the feature is not yet active on the preview version of Android 15. For example, when the user configures his private space, Google would advise creating a new Google account (different from the main account), to prevent information from leaking from this enclosure.

And , to unlock this private space, the user would have the choice between using the same PIN code or the same unlocking pattern, or creating a new code different from the code on their smartphone. Google would also offer additional privacy settings. This would, for example, ensure that the smartphone automatically locks faster when the private space is used. In addition, it would be possible to hide the existence of this private space, so that it does not appear in the application drawer. And it would also be possible to configure Android so that apps in the private space do not display notifications on the lock screen.

Android 15: the first beta version is imminent

As a reminder, Google launched the first preview of Android 15 in February. Then, it launched a second preview a few days ago. These previews are still extremely unstable, they are mainly intended for developers, and do not really include the new features expected by the general public. But the good news is that a first beta version will be released this April.

Normally, beta status means that the OS has become a little more stable. It is also possible that this beta version includes some more important features, for simple users. Subsequently, Google plans to release additional beta versions of Android 15 in May, June and July, before releasing the final version of the operating system.

  • Google is reportedly working on a feature called Private Space for Android 15
  • This private space would strengthen the privacy of information or applications that we want to hide
  • Android 15 is already tested in preview, but for the moment, the tests do not yet include the new features that are expected by the general public

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