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Android: Next update will warn you if someone tries to scam you

Google recently presented a new tool to fight against online scams. The latter will be available in a future update. Android update.

During its last I/O conference, the Google company revealed several new features centered around its Android ecosystem which equips many smartphones around the world. Among the functionalities based on artificial intelligence, the Mountain View firm has notably presented a tool that can protect you against online scams.

This new function relies in particular on Gemini Nano, the artificial intelligence recently launched by Google to perform a whole host of actions. The AI ​​will now be able to listen to your telephone conversations and spot for itself what might look like something similar to your phone. a scam.

How it works in practice ? Let's imagine you receive a phone call from your bank. After a few exchanges, the latter will ask you for your account password or to make bank transfers. Gemini will then notice a suspicious attitude and will display a window on your smartphone to warn you of potential danger.

Android: Next update will warn you if someone tries to scam you

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You will then be offered to put an end to à call or ignore the alert to resume it. The firm announces, however, that this functionality This will only happen on your phone and no exchanges will be shared. with the servers of Google or another entity third party.

This new feature This should definitely come to Google's Pixel phones first, as with the latest security additions. within Android. Other Android smartphones will certainly benefit later in the year.

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