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Android: the new feature that should accelerate smartphone changes

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Today, smartphone users tend to keep the same device longer. However, when it is time to change devices, it is important to ensure that all data has been transferred correctly from the old smartphone to the new one. And in recent years, Google has continued to optimize these transfers.

Currently, the Android operating system already offers an option to transfer this data via Wifi, or with a cable. But to make things happen faster, the firm could also propose a new method that combines these two options. For the moment, no official announcement has been made done. But by digging into Google's code, Assemble Debug, contributor to the Android Authority site, discovered clues suggesting that this new feature is under development.

In essence, this would have found, in the code of Google's Data Restore Tool app, text that could be used later on Android to present this functionality later. Alternatively, the Android Authority article also indicates that Google could launch a feature called “Restore Anytime” that would allow data to be transferred between Android devices at any time, not just when switching devices. But as usual, this information should be considered with caution, pending an official announcement.

Android smartphones tend to last longer

As mentioned above, consumers today tend to wanting to keep the same smartphone longer.As a result, data transfers when changing smartphones should be less frequent.

Moreover, on the Android ecosystem, brands are making efforts to extend the life of their premium products. For example, if you buy the latest Google Pixel or the latest Galaxy S, you will be able to use the same device for 7 years, since Google and Samsung will provide security and feature updates to these devices for 7 years. years.

And little by little, other brands of Android smartphones could follow suit.

  • When changing smartphones, it is essential to transfer data from the old device to the new one
  • Currently, this transfer is done by cable or via Wifi on Android
  • But Google would also like to offer a new option that combines these two methods to speed up transfers
  • In any case, these transfers should be less frequent since consumers today tend to to keep the same device longer
  • And some Android models can be used for 7 years

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