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Android's new tip to increase the battery life of your smartphone: up to 3 additional hours on standby

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If Google focused on artificial intelligence during its I/O conference, it has not forgotten Android 15, the new version of its operating system which will arrive in the second semester. As we explained previously, Google has, for example, announced integrations of its Gemini AI on the OS, or even the Private Space functionality which will allow sensitive applications and data to be hidden.

But as our colleagues at Android Authority explain, Google is also working on deeper improvements to the OS. And among these, there is a change that could allow certain smartphones to gain 3 hours of additional battery life. This extension of autonomy is possible thanks to a change that Google intends to make to an old feature that it launched in 2015: the doze mode.

Android Doze Mode activates when the device is not in use, and limits background activities. On Android 15, Google is speeding up the time it takes for the system to enter this drowsy state by 50%. “[…] and the result is that on some devices we tested up to 3 hours of additional standby time. And it's sort of a general improvement of 15 that applies to all devices”, says Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for the Android platform, according to the Android Authority site.

A beta available on more devices

Obviously, the impact of this type of change will vary from one smartphone to another, and from one user to one other. But, in any case, if this improvement in the dozen modes keeps its promises, Google will, once again, be able to boast of being able to improve Android smartphones with each major update.

Currently, Android 15 is still being tested in beta. And Google should still release two other beta versions of the OS, before publishing the final version. But, in the meantime, it is possible to test the new features of the operating system on a larger number of smartphones and tablets.

In addition to compatible Pixel devices, Android 15 can now be beta tested on Honor, IQOO, Lenovo, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi products.

  • Google is preparing numerous improvements for Android, including a change that will increase battery life
  • On Android 15, an improvement in “doze mode” allows up to 3 hours more battery life when the device is in standby
  • Android 15 is still being tested in beta, but it will be deployed from the second half of the year

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