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“Antics, apothecary calculations”… Why air traffic controllers are calling for a strike

The main air traffic controller unions are calling on their members to take action. strike on Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26 & Orly airport. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation predicts 70% of flights canceled on Saturday.

A Black Saturday à Orly airport. Unless a last minute solution is found before the end of negotiations between the General Management of the civil aviation (DGAC) and the air traffic controllers' unions, many flights will be canceled due to a strike which promises to be massive. The DGAC asked airlines, Friday, May 24, to preventively cancel 70 % of flights à Paris-Orly Saturday May 25, due to the call the strike of Unsa-Icna, the second representative union of air traffic controllers.

One of the main unions of air traffic controllers is calling for adequate numbers of staff, according to it, not guaranteed by an R& ;oacute;hundred agreement. Signed In extremis at the end of April between the DGAC and the main union of controllers, the SNCTA, the agreement did not resolve the question of "under -staff" which are looming &agrav; Orly, according to the union, à the horizon 2027. The movement resulted in the cancellation of several thousand flights in France and Europe.

An Olympic truce not respected

"Our managers persist, for Orly, in stinginess and apothecary calculations which will quickly cause the teams to fall back into decline. understaffed", had affirmedé Unsa-Icna, the second representative union of air traffic controllers, in a leaflet. ceased to guarantee working conditions adapted to security missions. which is the responsibility of air navigation control engineers, had ensured union organization. Parallel to this, the mobilization of Unsa-Icna à Orly, the Usac-CGT has filed a strike notice from May 23 to 30 to specifically protest against the weakening of the "territorial network" planned according to the union by the air traffic control reform.

A strike movement while the SNCTA and Unsa-ICNA, the second largest union among air traffic controllers, had decreed té an Olympic truce, promising not to strike for salary reasons until now. the end of the Olympic Games (July 26 to August 11) and Paralympic Games (August 28 to September 8).

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