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Appearance of a teenager for the murder of Daphnée Jolivet

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The profile photo of Daphnée Jolivet in 2019.

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The 16-year-old teenager arrested Monday in connection with the death of Daphnée Jolivet, 19, which occurred on the night of October 25 to 26, in the Maizeret district of Quebec, appeared at the Quebec courthouse on Tuesday morning. The suit asks that the accused receive an adult sentence, if convicted.

Given the seriousness of the actions, the DPCP decided to file a request, which is the exception under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, that if the adolescent is found guilty, that he be subject to an adult sentence, explained prosecutor Hugo Breton, at the end of the hearing.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) announced his arrest a few hours earlier, explaining that he would face charges of first-degree murder and armed sexual assault, as well as attempted murder and aggravated assault against another victim aged 16 who was in the same residence where Daphnée Jolivet was.

The young man appeared surrounded by three police officers.

He was already charged with vehicle theft and driving while impaired, following the events that occurred last month.

During his appearance, the teenager remained impassive, staring into space, while Judge Fannie Côtes read the charges. During the few minutes that the hearing lasted, which Daphnée Jolivet's family preferred not to attend, he cast brief glances at the public. The defendant's mother was present, but her son never looked at her.

His case will return to the roll in mid-December for the hearing on release.

If he is found guilty of the charges against him and the DPCP's request is accepted to impose an adult sentence, the accused could remain 25 years in prison, without possibility of release. If the Court rejects this request, the sentence could then be 10 years of custody and 4 years of supervision, said Hugo Breton.

Earlier in the morning, SPVQ spokesperson Sandra Dion explained that the clues collected and the investigation allow us to say that the suspect acted alone and that there would be no connection between him and the victims.

The second victim is still receiving treatment, but is doing better.

Daphnée Jolivet is the sixth murder victim in Quebec in 2023.

with information from Yannick Bergeron and Colin Côté-Paulette

Murder of Daphnée Jolivet: arrests soon, assures him SPVQ

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