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Apple and Samsung have decided to no longer provide a charger with their phones, they got us!

There is no charger in the box when you buy a new phone. The manufacturers would prefer that you don't know why…

Not all new smartphones are created equal and, depending on your needs and means, you may have radically different performances from a standard phone. ;agrave; the other. On the other hand, all smartphones have one thing in common: they all need a charger to be able to be used on a daily basis.& nbsp;In fact, even if you have the best phone on the planet, it will not be used for your needs. great thing if you don't have enough to recharge it! And unfortunately, the charger has become an extra cost. take into account now when buying a phone. As long as an old charger is tired, defective, obsolete or simply unsuitable for use, it can be used in any case. &agrav; your new piece of jewelry, you will need to buy one, in addition to the coveted smartphone.

For many years, iconic manufacturers like Samsung, Apple or Google provided chargers in the box of their latest smartphone. The charging devices provided were not always the most powerful, but they were still compatible with your new device! A very practical habit which made it possible not to have à iron & checkout to find a suitable charger &agrav; his new phone.

But for several years, more and more manufacturers have abandoned their technology. this practice and it has become increasingly rare to find a charger in the packaging of your brand new smartphone, even when the latter costs more than 1000 ;euros! Some brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi, however, continue to provide powerful chargers with their latest models, such as the recent Redmi Note 13.

Apple and Samsung have decided to no longer provide a charger with their phones, they got us!

Why such a turnaround? The first argument put forward? by the brands is  ecological. On its official website, Samsung indicates in particular that the brand "will do everything to protect the environment and, by removing & “Headphones and the charger in the box of its Galaxy smartphones, try to limit the waste of resources”. Apple also recently boasted of having avoided the consumption of 816,000 tonnes of copper, zinc and even tin thanks to This decision. An approach that makes sense as the smartphone industry takes its toll on the environment.

But the other reason, more shameful, is obviously economic. By providing a charger and headphones with each new smartphone, manufacturers imposed additional charges on themselves. The additional cost even seems gigantic when we know that around 1.23 billion telephones were damaged. sold in 2023. Brands also estimate that you probably already have from a previous charger. What's the point of embedding   provide you with a new one ?

And there's even better for Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers, who are taking advantage of it to boost their turnover. At prices set on the market. between 10 and 15 euros per unit, or even 25 euros at Apple, far from the cost at the time of production, the brands ;save sideé pile up and collect the winnings side by side face by selling you more chargers. Analysts from CCS Insight have, for example, calculated in 2022 that Apple had achievedé a saving of almost 6 billion euros by removing chargers and headphones from boxes, while making 267.5 million euros. #39;euros of additional turnover. Saving money on production costs is good. At the same time making more profits is good. is even better!

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