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Apple announces the date of WWDC 2024: 4 announcements expected

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Apple has just confirmed to us, by email, that the Worldwide Developer Conference will be held from June 10 to 14. The time at which the event will begin is not yet known. However, we know that, most of the time, you have to book your diary around 7 p.m. (Paris time). You will of course be able to follow the announcements live within our columns, otherwise be aware that a live is also planned on the website of our colleagues at iPhon.fr and that a live broadcast of the keynote is expected on Apple's YouTube channel. Tim Cook's company is now worth nearly three trillion dollars on Wall Street.

Many announcements are expected during WWDC 2024. Here is a non-exhaustive selection.

1 – Artificial intelligence with iOS 18

Apple's smartphone operating system should be updated at WWDC, as in its previous editions. We are particularly expecting the announcement of major new features powered by artificial intelligence. Among these, we can notably cite the case of autocompletion of SMS when sending with Messages via Siri. It is also rumored that Keynote or Pages would make it possible to generate content automatically (text, images), perhaps thanks to a partnership with OpenAI (DALL-E, ChatGPT, Sora) or with Gemini (formerly Bard).

According to certain sources, some of these new AI features would only be reserved for the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max which will see the light of day at the end of the year. The fault lies in particularly demanding calculations not processed by third-party servers (therefore: locally), perhaps made possible by a new Neural Engine with thirty-two cores. However, the latter would only be available on the future proprietary A18 Pro processor reserved for high-end mobiles.

2 – Other major updates

At the same time, Apple will also present the following updates and their new features:

  • tvOS 18
  • iPadOS 18 (its changes will be modeled on those of iOS 18)
  • watchOS 11 (few major new features to be expected, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman)
  • visionOS 2 (compatibility with the third generation Apple Pencil, which could be announced at the same time, is expected)
  • macOS 15 (the name of this version remains to be defined, and will succeed macOS Sonoma)

3 – iOS 18 changes design

Coming back to iOS 18, know that the design would be largely renewed during WWDC. We particularly expect to be able to further customize the home screen, by leaving spaces between the rows of icons, as Android has already been offering for more than fifteen years. The makeover of iOS 18 would be major, to the point of being able to compare it to that of iOS 7 which occurred almost a decade earlier.

< p>The release date of iOS 18 could also be announced during the Worldwide Developer Conference. In particular, it will be possible to download the update in beta version just after the event, but for developers only. The public beta version will probably require us to wait a little longer, while the final edition (more stable, normally) will be deployed to the general public around September.

4 – The M3 Ultra chip

The Worldwide Developer Conference is rarely the opportunity to discover new Apple products. In any case, we count much less than software updates. In the 2024 edition, however, it is possible that Apple will unveil the M3 Ultra chip. And for good reason: this is the best level of performance of its in-house processors, but the latest range of its kind has not yet been entitled to it despite the release of the M3, the M3 Pro and M3 Max last October.

The M3 Ultra motherboard will certainly be integrated under the hood of two desktop computers: the Mac Studio, on the one hand, and the Mac Pro, on the other. The latter could then easily become the most powerful machine ever marketed by Apple, enough to seriously compete with Intel Core i9 chips or the best alternatives from AMD.

  • Worldwide Developer Conference begins June 10
  • Apple to announce design changes for iOS 18
  • We will probably also be able to discover the M3 Ultra chip during the event
  • Apple will also unveil a new version of macOS, whose name remains unknown for the moment

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