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Apple has a little idea to make the iPhone 16 even more popular

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At the start of the year, rumors about the iPhone 16 series are already very numerous, despite the fact that it will only be released in the fall. For example, for a while, sources have been talking about a new physical button for the edge of the iPhone 16. And today, this is becoming clearer. In a recent article, our colleagues at 9to5Mac relay a publication from The Information on this subject.

According to this source, all models of the iPhone 16 series would have a button dedicated to taking photos and videos. It would be a mechanical button, which depresses when pressed. However, its surface would be tactile. As a result, the user would be able to control the camera zoom via swipes on this surface. Additionally, the button would be pressure sensitive, allowing focus to be adjusted by gently pressing, before taking a photo, by pressing more firmly.

Regarding the design, this would be the only major change that Apple would offer, compared to the iPhone 15. The firm would have developed this new button dedicated to the camera in order to meet the needs of creators who have increasing tendency to post horizontal content on social networks. But as usual, this information should be considered with caution, since it does not come from an official source.

Apple is now number 1

In any case, the launch of the iPhone 16 series will be very important for Apple, since it could allow the firm to maintain its position as leader in the smartphone market. As a reminder, in 2023, for the first time, Apple overtook Samsung, and became the world number 1 in the smartphone market. While Samsung's shipments have seen a double-digit decline, Apple is taking advantage of a new trend: more and more consumers around the world are moving from mid-range smartphones to premium devices, a segment that is dominated by the iPhone.

As for the characteristics, Apple should equip the iPhone 16 series with new chips engraved in 3nm and increase the RAM memory of the base models . In addition, on the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max, this will perhaps offer a clear improvement in the camera. In addition, like Samsung, Apple should rely heavily on AI to make its devices more practical.

Currently, Apple is already working on generative artificial intelligence. And it is rumored that it could present a (very) improved version of Siri during its WWDC conference in June.

  • New rumors about the iPhone 16 are circulating on the web
  • According to The Information, Apple has developed a new button with a tactile surface for taking photos and videos
  • Apple was number 1 in the smartphone market in 2023 and the iPhone 16 could help it maintain this place in 2024

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