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Apple has its product to compete with the Pixel Fold (it's not an iPhone)

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By 2025 (at the earliest), Apple could present its very first folding iPad. The device would be released before a potential iPhone of the kind, if we are to believe the Taiwanese magazine DigiTimes often well informed on this subject.

According to other rumors that have appeared very recently, the new folding iPad could be the largest ever marketed by Apple with perhaps fifteen to twenty inches on the clock. For comparison, remember that the iPad Pro is now offered with 12.9 inches in its largest version. This is the most imposing touchscreen tablet offered by the manufacturer, which would also prepare a sixth generation iPad Air with a diagonal of the same order. Of course, this information must be considered with caution: the manufacturer will not confirm it before a press release or a formal keynote, as usual.

< p>A folding iPhone is obviously also in the pipeline. In any case, this is what numerous patents filed by Apple with the USPTO demonstrate. This organization, an institution responsible for validating patents to protect the intellectual property of companies, is to the United States what the INPI is to France. The documents that the Apple firm records there are therefore all that is most official. But often, you have to wait several years for a concept that appears in this database to see the light of day. What's more, it is not uncommon for certain new products to ultimately never be offered to the general public. The AirPower wireless charger, for example, was presented by Apple at a conference, but will never be released. The fault lies in overheating problems, it seems.

Apple has more than one trick up its sleeve

If Samsung has been offering its folding mobile phones for almost five years now, Apple would like to wait until it offers an even more quality device to customers. Because, let's remember: foldable devices today are very fragile, and the hinge is only capable of withstanding a relatively limited number of openings and closures. But here too, Cupertino already has the solution with a self-repairing screen system, which also appeared in a patent in the United States. When we know the monstrous prices that are today demanded by Apple Stores to replace a cracked display, there is no denying: the value proposition is very attractive.

Beyond potential major hardware optimizations, Apple will also have to update iOS and iPadOS so that the operating systems meet user expectations on a folding device . We can already use features like Split View in multitasking mode, but additional options are expected in the near future.

A sword in the face#8217 ;water ?

Despite everything, let's point out that the arrival of a potential folding iPad does not really fit with Apple's ambitions in terms of tools dedicated to productivity. Indeed, the arrival of the recent Vision Pro was followed by several leaks suggesting that in the long term, the American company intends to make us abandon physical screens in favor of augmented reality only.

To achieve this, however, it will be necessary to seriously update the collection of mixed reality headsets running visionOS. Indeed, the Vision Pro is only the first of the name and its uncomfortable design prevents it from being used over time. Ditto for battery life. On the other hand, in a few years, connected lenses and other smart glasses (which Apple has also been working on for some time) could really change the situation.

The most optimistic analysts, who are often the same as those predicting the end of the iPhone in favor of AR displays, estimate that the sector could bring in no less than five hundred billion dollars for Apple.

  • The folding iPad should be released before a potential folding iPhone
  • The touchscreen tablet could see the light of day in 2025 at the earliest
  • This is a simple rumor, Apple does not ;having not confirmed the information at the moment

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