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Apple is reportedly preparing the AirTag 2: here is the new feature that is expected

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AirTag, Apple's object locator tag, has been on the market for more than three years. But it continues to make headlines. For example, this May, the press relayed the story of an American who was able to find his stolen car thanks to an Apple tag that was hidden in the vehicle.

Thanks to its location system which relies on Bluetooth technology, instead of GPS and an internet connection, the AirTag is incredibly efficient. However, this could be improved. And the good news is that according to the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, the AirTag 2 is already in the pipeline.

More precisely, the journalist explains that tests are already underway with Apple's partners in Asia. And the big novelty of the AirTag 2 would be the use of a more efficient chip which would allow more precise localization. The code name of this second version of the AirTag would be B589 and its release would be scheduled for mid-2025.

More and more competitors

For the moment, this information should be considered with caution, since it does not come from an official source. But in any case, Apple would benefit from offering a new version of the AirTag, as there are more and more competitors for this accessory on the market.

Indeed, in addition to the fact that third-party manufacturers can develop beacons compatible with Apple's Find My network, they now also have the possibility of developing equivalents for Android. Google recently launched a network similar to Apple's locate network which allows you to locate smartphones or accessories that are not connected to the internet, using Bluetooth. Recently, Apple and Google also sealed a partnership that prevents Android-compatible beacons from spying on iOS users (and vice versa).

Otherwise, so that the AirTag 2 is competitive, we can hope that Apple also improves the autonomy, compared to the first version, and that it offers a new design that fits into a wallet. As a reminder, some brands already offer location tags that look like bank cards.

  • Released three years ago years, the AirTag has proven to be terribly effective in locating lost objects
  • Now, Apple is reportedly working on a new version, scheduled for release in mid-2025
  • According to journalist Mark Gurman, the Cupertino company would like to equip this new version with a new chip which will allow for more precise localization
  • For the moment, This is just a rumor, but Apple would benefit from offering an improved version of the AirTag, at a time when similar products are becoming more and more numerous on the market
  • Recently, Google finally launched its equivalent of Apple's Find My network, which allows brands to offer AirTag equivalents compatible with Android

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