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Apple issues new warning for Apple Watch owners

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Apple wants users of its products to use its chargers and cables, or, at least, products that it has certified. And this is not only valid for iPhones or iPads, but also for Apple Watches. Recently, the company updated its website to post a warning for Apple Watch owners who might be tempted to buy counterfeit chargers that are cheaper.

The speech does not change. “If you use a counterfeit or uncertified charger, you may experience slow charging, repeated chimes, and reduced battery life”, the firm writes in this new support page.

To recharge the Apple Watch, Apple recommends using only Apple magnetic chargers or those that are MFI certified. And in addition to issuing this warning, the firm also shared some tips to help users identify the right chargers.

How to Identify Genuine Apple Watch Chargers?

The first thing to do is to inspect the product. Indeed, it can be easy to identify a charger that was not sold by Apple, if it does not have the same design (a different color, another design, etc.).

Apple issues new warning for Apple Watch owners

Apple specifies precisely what the cable should look like. © Apple

On the other hand, Apple indicates that its Apple Watch chargers must have one of the following numbers on the cable: A1570, A1598, A1647, A1714, A1768, A1923, A2055, A2056, A2086, A2255, A2256, A2257, A2458, A2515, A2652, A2879.

It is also possible to verify that the manufacturer of an Apple Watch charger is indeed Apple, by connecting it to a Mac, then consulting the characteristics in the system settings (image below).< /p>

Apple issues new warning for Apple Watch owners

macOS lets you know who made the cable connected. © Apple

How to identify chargers certified by Apple ?

Finally, to identify third-party chargers, but which are certified by Apple, here are the Apple brand's instructions: “To identify third-party chargers that have obtained MFi certification, carefully examine the charger packaging and the charger itself . Authorized Apple Watch chargers use the Made for Apple Watch badge on their packaging.”

To go further, you can also check that This is an authentic and certified product using the database offered by Apple.

  • Apple says that if you use a counterfeit charger on your Apple Watch, you may experience slower charging or faster battery degradation
  • The firm recommends only use its chargers, or those manufactured by third parties, but which have been MFi certified
  • Different tips are also shared to distinguish fake chargers from Apple chargers and those who are certified

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