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Keynote Apple: the real event was not in front but behind ;re l’én

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There was reason to wonder why Apple had chosen to organize a keynote this October 30 at such a late hour (1 a.m. in France, compared to 7 p.m. usually). The answer? Beyond announcements on the new range of M3, M3 Plus and M3 Max chips, and updates to the MacBook Pro and iMacs, Apple pulled out all the stops to celebrate Halloween with a keynote at the looks like a “horror” film. Very family-friendly and without any real goosebumps, of course… judge instead:

Apple Park appeared gloomyly lit and covered in artificial clouds – and Tim Cook appeared as a cross between demon hunter and character in the famous 1984 Apple commercial directed by Ridley Scott. A script that surprised the audience and the journalists who assiduously follow these presentations. Because if Apple is known for filming its keynotes like real cinema productions, the firm has never really given seasonal color to the event.

You will never guess what Apple is using filmed his keynote

In itself, the keynote itself was rather minor, except for the M3 chips. We note that Apple is still focusing on its iMac range (which however do not seem to represent huge sales volumes, compared to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro). The Touch Bar disappears from the latest models, without really arousing emotion. And above all, a new space black color appears.

We haven't seen Apple launch a truly black color since 2006, with the MacBook 13″ in black polycarbonate – one of the first to swap IBM PowerPC chips for Intel chips. But back to the production itself: who could have imagined… that everything was actually filmed with iPhone 15 Pros? A “leak” (very clever) from the firm shows behind the scenes, and we can see that absolutely all of these shots (nocturnal ones at that) were filmed with one of the latest iPhones.

You can see some clips from the shoot in the videos below. We imagine that this result, worthy of much more professional cameras, owes as much to the lighting (all videographers will tell you that this is one of the most essential aspects), as to the stabilization equipment, dolly , and others – very professional indeed – on which Apple has mounted its devices.

All images were presumably recorded in ProRAW video, a lossless compression format which gives a lot of leeway in post-production to correct black point and colorimetry.

However, this demonstration clearly illustrates the video capabilities of the firm's latest models. Even if the latter sometimes tend to heat up more than necessary, especially during this type of continuous recordings

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By Teilor Stone

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